Esposito Diary - Page 12

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Esposito Diary - Page 12
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Esposito Diary - Page 12 is a paper note in Fallout 76.


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So, that was "fun." Moreno's a fine communications operator. But not the best pick for command, especially given how the situation's evolving. He took being relieved of command well, though.

On the trip over, I saw first-hand that our recon was right. The Super Mutants are a growing threat. Is anyone else still reeling? Before the war this was a nice river valley. With farms. Factories. Now there are these giant blood thirsty mutants kidnapping and killing everyone in their path.

First some damage control. We set a regular schedule for caravan escorts to the Mire and back. If Caravan Sally comes through expecting us to drop everything to escort them now, tough. We have fewer trips with more guards.

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