Enola Walker's Story, Part 1

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Enola Walker's Story, Part 1
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Enola Walker's Story, Part 1 is a voice holotape in Fallout 76.




This is Enola Walker. Don't know if anyone'll hear this, but life finally took the last thing I had left. Figured I should leave something behind.

I lost Joan in '77 and the kids in the Drowning, but I had my damned dogs. It's bad enough that the beast tore up the homestead. Ruined everything. I could've rebuilt, but it's not worth it without my boys. So if you find this place, I'm willing it to you. Just let anyone listen to this tape and they'll know. I took the last of my good chems for the bites, but the rest is yours. The last thing I'm going to do is hunt that ugly beast down and kill it before I go.

I hope you have a good life here. But that monster flew off toward the Steakhouse... so maybe avoid that area unless I turned it into a fucking crater.

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