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Fallout 76
F76 Perk Enforcer.png
Fallout 76
Level 30
Effects5% stagger chance and 10% chance to cripple a limb.
10% stagger chance and 20% chance to cripple a limb.
15% stagger chance and 30% chance to cripple a limb.

No one escapes from you.

Enforcer is an Agility perk in Fallout 76.


Similar to the And Stay Back, the effects of Enforcer are calculated per-pellet from a shotgun blast and not single round fired. The pellets will ONLY cripple the limbs they hit, so hitting the same limb is pointless for crippling, but will still calculate stagger. Range also has no bearing on stagger or cripple chances, just hitting is all that is needed. Multiple limbs can be crippled at the same time, and from multiple enemies too.

Card Levels

  • Level 1: Your shotguns gain a 5% stagger chance and a 10% chance to cripple a limb.
  • Level 2: Your shotguns gain a 10% stagger chance and a 20% chance to cripple a limb.
  • Level 3: Your shotguns gain a 15% stagger chance and a 30% chance to cripple a limb.


  • Basher, strangely enough, synergies with Enforcer but only for gun bashes (both cards at level 1 - 5% cripple and 10% cripple will give a 15% cripple chance). This is likely a bug, however.