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Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics
ModifiesHit Points, Poison & Radiation Resistance, Healing Rate
Related PerksFaster Healing, Flower Child, Life Giver, Pathfinder, Rad Resistance, Snakeater, Strong Back, Toughness
Related TraitsChem Resistant
Fallout 3
ModifiesHit Points, Poison Resistance, Radiation Resistance, Big Guns, Unarmed, Oxygen Counter When Diving
Related PerksLead Belly, Life Giver, Rad Resistance, Size Matters, Solar Powered, Strong Back, Toughness, Rad Absorption, Rad Tolerance
Fallout: New Vegas
ModifiesUnarmed, Survival, Hit point, Radiation resistance, Poison resistance, Implants
Related PerksLead Belly, Lifegiver, Long Haul, Old World Gourmet, Rad Absorption, Rad Resistance, Solar Powered, Stonewall, Strong Back, Toughness
Fallout 4
ModifiesStarting Hit Points, Level-Up Hit Points, Action Points drained by sprinting
Related PerksToughness, Lead Belly, Lifegiver, Chem Resistant, Rad Resistance, Adamantium Skeleton, Cannibal, Solar Powered
Van Buren, J.E. Sawyer's Fallout RPG
Related Perks?
Related Traits?

Stamina and physical toughness. A character with a high Endurance will survive where others may not.

— Fallout In-game description

Endurance is one of the seven Primary Statistics in SPECIAL.

Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics

Modifies: Hit Points, Poison & Radiation Resistance, Healing Rate, and the additional hit points per level.

Endurance can be raised by 3 in Fallout and Fallout 2 by using Buffout.

Fallout 3

Modifies: Hit Points, Poison & Radiation Resistance (but not damage resistance) and the Big Guns and Unarmed Skill. Endurance also determines the speed your oxygen counter counts down when you are holding your breath underwater.

Value Resistance Starting Health Skill Modifiers
1 0% 120 Big Guns +2, Unarmed +2
2 2% 140 Big Guns +4, Unarmed +4
3 4% 160 Big Guns +6, Unarmed +6
4 6% 180 Big Guns +8, Unarmed +8
5 8% 200 Big Guns +10, Unarmed +10
6 10% 220 Big Guns +12, Unarmed +12
7 12% 240 Big Guns +14, Unarmed +14
8 14% 260 Big Guns +16, Unarmed +16
9 16% 280 Big Guns +18, Unarmed +18
10 18% 300 Big Guns +20, Unarmed +20

Endurance-based Perks

Perk Requirement Level Additional Requirements
Lead Belly 5 6
Toughness 5 6
Rad Resistance 5 8
Size Matters 5 8
Strong Back 5 8 Strength 5
Life Giver 6 12
Solar Powered 7 20
Rad Tolerance 7 26
Rad Absorption 7 28

Ways to increase Endurance

Fallout: New Vegas

Endurance determines a characters environmental resistances (poison, radiation), unarmed and survival skill bonuses, hit points and the number of implants allowed.

Endurance-based perks

Perk Requirement Level Additional Requirements
Old World Gourmet Dead MoneyGametitle-FNV DM.png 6 2 Survival 45
Lead Belly 5 6
Toughness 5 6
Rad Resistance 5 8 Survival 40
Stonewall 6 8 Strength 6
Strong Back 5 8 Strength 5
Life Giver 6 12
Long Haul 6 12 Barter 70
Atomic! Old World BluesGametitle-FNV OWB.png 6 20
Solar Powered 7 20
Irradiated Beauty Lonesome RoadGametitle-FNV LR.png 8 22
Rad Absorption 7 28
Burden to Bear Lonesome RoadGametitle-FNV LR.png 6 30 Strength 6
Implant GRX Old World BluesGametitle-FNV OWB.png 8 30

Level names and statistics

Value Name Starting HP Poison/Rad Resist Skill Modifiers
1 Basically Dead 120 0%/0% Survival/Unarmed +2
2 Crumbly 140 5%/2% Survival/Unarmed +4
3 Do Not Bend 160 10%/4% Survival/Unarmed +6
4 Handle with Care 180 15%/6% Survival/Unarmed +8
5 Stain-resistant 200 20%/8% Survival/Unarmed +10
6 Hardy 220 25%/10% Survival/Unarmed +12
7 Tough-as-nails 240 30%/12% Survival/Unarmed +14
8 Flame Retardant 260 35%/14% Survival/Unarmed +16
9 Bulletproof 280 40%/16% Survival/Unarmed +18
10 Unstoppable 300 45%/18% Survival/Unarmed +20


  • If the player has an Endurance of 8 while having no stats at 1 or a Luck of 10/1, Doc Mitchell will say "I guess that explains how you're still alive. You're built solid as an oak."
  • If the player has an Endurance of 1, Doc Mitchell will say "I just don't get it. A stiff breeze'd tear you in two but a couple of bullets and you're right as rain."
  • A starting Endurance of 9 will guarantee you the ability to get every implant. An Endurance of 7 will allow you to get all SPECIAL increasing implants.

Fallout 4

Endurance is a measure of your overall physical fitness. It affects your total Health and the Action Point drain from sprinting.

Fallout 4 loading screen hints

Endurance determines your starting Hit Points, as well as your additional hit points per level. Additional points in Endurance are retroactive; increasing it later on in the game will reward all the hit points the player would have gained with a higher starting statistic.

Additionally, Endurance reduces the rate at which Action Points deplete while sprinting or, (with the Strong Back perk) running while over-encumbered.

Endurance-based perks

Name Rank Character Level Description Base ID
1 If nothing else, you can take a beating! Instantly gain +10 Damage Resistance 0004a0ab
2 9 You now have +20 damage resistance. 0004a0ae
3 18 You now have +30 damage resistance. 0004a0af
4 31 You now have +40 damage resistance. 00065e5d
5 46 You now have +50 damage resistance. 00065e5e
Lead Belly
1 Your digestive tract has adjusted to the weirdness of the Wasteland! Take less radiation from eating or drinking. 0004a0b9
2 6 You take even less radiation from eating or drinking. 00024b00
3 17 You take no radiation from eating or drinking. 00024b01
1 You embody wellness! Instantly gain +20 maximum Health. 0004a0cf
2 8 You instantly gain another +20 maximum Health. 001d2465
3 20 You instantly gain another +20 maximum Health, and slowly regenerate lost Health. 001d2467
Chem Resistant
1 All the rush without the hassle! You're 50% less likely to get addicted when consuming Chems 0004a0d5
2 22 You gain complete immunity to chem addiction. 00065e0c
Aquaboy / Aquagirl
1 Water is your ally. You no longer take radiation damage from swimming, and can breathe underwater 000e36f9
2 21 You become totally undetectable while submerged. 001d248d
Rad Resistant
1 Exposure to the Wasteland has made you more resilient, instantly granting +10 Radiation Resistance. 001d2479
2 13 You now have +20 Radiation Resistance. 001d247a
3 26 You now have +30 Radiation Resistance. 001d247b
Adamantium Skeleton
1 Your skeleton has been infused with indestructible metal, reducing limb damage by 30%. 0004c92d
2 13 Your limb damage is now reduced by 60%. 00024afd
3 26 Your limb damage is completely eliminated. 00024afe
1 Feast on mortal flesh to heal your wounds! Eating human corpses restores Health. 0004b259
2 19 Eating Ghoul or Super Mutant corpses restores Health. 001d1a62
3 38 Eating human, Ghoul or Super Mutant corpses now restores a significant amount of Health. 001d1a63
1 Sure, you're still human - on the outside! Radiation now regenerates your lost Health. 0004d89e
2 24 Radiation now regenerates even more of your lost Health. 00065e22
3 48 Radiation now regenerates even more of your lost Health, and some Feral Ghouls will randomly become friendly. 00065e23
END 10
Solar Powered
1 Catch some rays! Gain +2 to Strength and Endurance between the hours of 6:00a.m. and 6:00p.m. 0004d8a7
2 27 Sunlight slowly heals your radiation damage. 001d2484
3 50 Sunlight slowly regenerates your lost Health. 001d2485

Ways to increase Endurance



Endurance represents the character’s general health and ability to withstand punishment and physical exertion. Endurance mainly affects the character’s hit points. A character with high Endurance will be able to fight longer and take more damage in combat.[1]



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