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For an overview of Advanced power armor models throughout the Fallout series, see Advanced power armor. For an overview of various models of power armor throughout the Fallout series, see power armor.
Enclave Hellfire armor
Fo3BS Hellfire Power Armour.png
Enclave Hellfire armor icon.png
Enclave Hellfire armor
DR50Item HP2000
Effects+1 Strength
+30 Fire Resistance
+ 15 Radiation Resistance
Enclave Hellfire armor
base idxx001081
Enclave Hellfire helmet
DR10Item HP100
Effects-1 Charisma
+5 Fire Resistance
+5 Radiation Resistance
Enclave Hellfire helmet
base idxx001080
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Enclave Hellfire armor is the most advanced power armor developed by the Enclave for its soldiers and specialists. It was introduced in Fallout 3's Broken Steel add-on.


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The most advanced power armor variant in the wasteland is the Hellfire powered combat infantry armor, developed based on regular power armor designs. A prototype version was developed shortly after the Great War by the Enclave stationed at The Whitespring Bunker. In October 2080, one of the prototype suits was sent to Vault 51 at the order of ZAX 1.3c, impersonating Stanislaus Braun through his writing style.[1] Further development of the armor was halted due to the Whitespring facility losing communication with the other Enclave facilities and the eradication of all Enclave personnel within the Whitespring facility.[2] The armor's development was not completed until 2277, at the Enclave's facility at Adams AFB, after reallocating resources from other projects into the Hellfire project.[3]

While proving superior to its predecessors, the Hellfire armor could not be produced in large numbers quickly enough to replace the Mark II entirely during the Enclave's war against the East Coast Brotherhood of Steel. Instead, the Enclave High Command deployed them in a supporting role for troops wearing standard issue advanced power armor, or providing them to commanders of elite units, like Enclave Squad Sigma. Despite the superiority of the Hellfire armor, it was produced too late in the war to turn the tide in the Enclave's favor, and the research facilities that produced it were captured by the Brotherhood.[4]

The design of the Hellfire focuses on survivability and durability. Due to the thickness and amount of armor, it does not feature angled or rounded armor to maximize the comfort of the operator and avoid limiting internal space. The back-mounted power pack is piped into the superpowered servo-motors using multiple redundant power cables on the armor, allowing the operator to use the Hellfire with surprising amount of agility. The characteristic pig's snout helmet completes the protective assembly with its thick armor and heavy-set design, maximizing protection.[5] These improvements grant the armor all the advantages of the Advanced Mark II armor, with none of the weaknesses, while decreasing the weight, improving ballistic defense, and granting protection against flame weaponry (a defense unique to the armor).[6]


The Hellfire has the same DR as the T-51b power armor and high durability, and boasts the added benefit of +30 Fire resistance and +1 Strength. The only drawback is that the helmet gives a penalty to Charisma, while the T-51b's does the opposite.

However, the Hellfire can be repaired with other Hellfire armors, whereas the unique T-51b can only be fixed by merchants. The fact that Enclave troops wearing the Hellfire are somewhat uncommon does reduce the appeal, but that should not discourage. It makes excellent armor for companions, as it does not degrade when worn by them. When combined with the extra companions glitch, it will allow you to storm across the wasteland with one mean squad (assuming you can find enough suits).

Note that the armor, as DLC material, cannot be turned in to Casdin for his quest.

Comparison with other armor

Armor Damage Resistance Rad Resistance Other Resistances
and Bonuses
Stat Bonuses Item HP
T-45d power armor +40/ Helmet: +8 +10/ Helmet: +3 None +2 ST, -2 AG 1000/ Helmet: 75
T-51b power armor +50/ Helmet: +10 +25/ Helmet: +8 None Helmet: +1 CH 2000/ Helmet: 100
Winterized T-51b power armor +45/ Helmet: +10 +25/ Helmet: +8 None Helmet: +1 CH 10,000,000/ Helmet: 1,000,000
Tesla armor +43/ Helmet: +9 +20/ Helmet: +5 +10 Energy Weapons Helmet: -1 CH 1500/ Helmet: 100
Advanced power armor Mk II +40/ Helmet: +9 +15/ Helmet: +5 None +1 ST, -1 AG/
Helmet: -1 CH
1200/ Helmet: 75

Enclave Hellfire armor

+50/ Helmet: +10 +15/ Helmet: +5 +30 Fire/ Helmet: +5 Fire +1 ST/ Helmet: -1 CH 2000/ Helmet: 100



  • If the player has a set of 100% repaired armor on themselves and another in their inventory (any repair level), any damage and loss in DR will occur with the stored set, rather than the worn one, allowing for wearing essentially indestructible armor.



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