Enclave Event: A Real Blast

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Enclave Event: A Real Blast
F76 A Real Blast.png
MODUS introduces the vermin of Appalachia to the wonders of orbital bombardment
Quest data
Harpers Ferry
Seneca Rocks Visitor Center
Editor IDENs02_Blast
Base ID0000d053

Enclave Event: A Real Blast is a quest in Fallout 76.


With the Kovac-Muldoon uplink online, MODUS can call upon the station to perform orbital strikes - and it's perfectly willing to do so, in order to clean out the vermin in Appalachia. However, it requires boots on the ground: Cargobot delivery is notoriously unreliable and someone needs to get into the blast zone and fix up the uplinks.


  • The quest becomes available after Officer on Deck begins, allowing the player to gain two commendations for completing the operation. As such, the events are rare and fire infrequently, it's best to check the map periodically to see what's available.
  • The goal of the event is to initialize the arrays in the marked area to start an orbital strike. Players have to keep the arrays online, as they will continuously break, while defending against a horde of hostile creatures.
  • After the link-up is complete, the strike will commence - giving the players just 15 seconds to get out of there. The strike will wipe out most of the enemies in the target area, and players will be asked to mop up any stragglers afterwards.