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Enclave Control Company
Fo2 EC Company.png
LeadershipSgt. Granite
Notable Members
Notable LocationsControl station Enclave
Relations and associations

Enclave Control Company is an Enclave unit active in New California of 2241.


A military company responsible for perimeter defense. Members of this unit are equipped with the best and most advanced weapons available to the Enclave and are a very versatile outfit.

An ECC squad under the command of Sergeant Granite assisted the Chosen One in eliminating agent Frank Horrigan. After the slaying of Horrigan, they joined the Vault 13 dwellers and Arroyo tribals' escape on the tanker. Upon reaching the mainland, they headed north towards Navarro, and where never heard from again.[1]

Interactions with the player character

With very good Speech, the player can convince Granite to assist them in fighting Frank Horrigan. Otherwise, the EC Company will attack the player and the turrets (if they use the presidential keycard to activate the counter-insurgency protocol).


Enclave Control Company appears in Fallout 2.


  1. Fallout Bible 6#The Vipers: "1. What happened to Sgt. Granite and his crew after the destruction of the Enclave?"
    "He and the EC crew hopped aboard the tanker, and escaped to the mainland after watching the fireworks from the top of the tanker, whispering "gawd-damn" to themselves and throwing suggestive glances at the women from Vault 13 and Arroyo. After reaching the mainland, they headed north to Navarro (or the remains of Navarro, depending on how your PC left it) and were never heard from again, though their adventures could fill several eras worth of pulp comics, including a recent re-appearance in Keith Giffen's resurrection of Suicide Squad."
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Enclave Symbol (Fallout 3).png