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Fo3 Enclave State Flag.pngEnclave Symbol (Fallout 3).png
The Enclave flag and roundel
TypePresidential republic
GovernancePower centralized in the hands of the President of the Enclave.
LeadershipLast President of the United States (2072(6)–?)[1]
Thomas Eckhart (2082-2086)[2]
Richardson senior (?–2220)
Dick Richardson (2220–2242)[3]
John Henry Eden (2242–2278)[4]
FoundedEstablished by select members of the United States government and the military-industrial complex before the Great War; nationhood established post-War
StructureClear delineation of castes, with the society of the Enclave divided into military, science, and civilian categories.
CapitalControl Station Enclave (March 2077–2242)
The Whitespring Bunker (2082-2086, parallel)
Raven Rock (2242–2277)
Major CentersWhitespring Congressional Bunker (Appalachia)
Camp Navarro (California)
Adams Air Force Base (Maryland)
Notable LocationsCapital Wasteland:
SatCom array NW-07c

Adams Air Force Base

Satellite relay station

Relations and associations
Child EntitiesAtomic Energy Commission
Enclave military
Chemical Corps
Secret Service
Related EntitiesPoseidon Energy
Vault-Tec Industries
Enclave Remnants
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The Enclave[5] is a nation state built that developed from continuity of government of the pre-War federal government of the United States, frequently styling itself as the United States of America as such.[6][7] Prior to the War, the founders of the Enclave operated as an informal secret organization of the same name. They comprised members of the U.S shadow government[8] and military industrial complex. Relative to other human societies throughout the wasteland, it was among the smallest. Control Station Enclave, the single largest concentration of Enclave population in the wasteland, was home to between a hundred and a thousand inhabitants. By comparison, the largest city in the wasteland built from scratch, Shady Sands, is home to 3,000 citizens alone.[9][10][11]

The Enclave exercises control of a number of military bases scattered across the former U.S. However, their primary strongholds were destroyed by various factions throughout the 23rd century, including their headquarters and capital in 2242.[12]



Before the War, the Enclave was a cabal of powerful individuals from across the United States, including Presidents, members of the Joints Chiefs, prize-winning scientists, wealthy industrialists, members of the military, influential politicians and other powerful men and women who together formed the éminence grise of the United States of America.[13][14][15][16][17][18][8][19] In the opinion of its own members, it was the greatest assembly of minds on American soil.[20] As the Sino-American War dragged on and the risk of war increased, members of the Enclave invested into various contingency measures to survive the coming war. Funded by corporate and government money, these installations would enable the Enclave to continue waging war even after the United States ceased to exist. The most prominent of these was the presidential oil rig out in the Pacific Ocean, backed by Poseidon Oil, with the Whitespring Congressional Bunker acting as hub for future Enclave operations,[21] covertly funded by funds embezzled from the Department of Agriculture by its secretary, Thomas Eckhart.[22][23] Other facilities prepared in advance were Raven Rock[24][25] and the Kovac-Muldoon platform. The ambitious nature of many of these installations limited their lifespan in some cases: The Kovac-Muldoon's reactors failed within 50 years of launching, for example.[26]

Some members relocated to these locations in advance. In March 2077, with the world heading directly for nuclear confrontation, the President of the United States and other members of the Enclave retreated to various fortified areas around the globe.[27][1] Others remained behind, only retreating to fortified shelters as the nuclear war became imminent. The bulk of them sought shelter at the aforementioned Whitespring Bunker, however, casualties sustained in the nuclear attack decimated the leadership, allowing Thomas Eckhart, the Secretary of Agriculture, to claim leadership. However, the plans were almost immediately thrown into disarray, as communications between Enclave hubs crumbled. The Whitespring Bunker was particularly affected, as for one reason or another, it dropped off the Enclave grid completely.[28]

Contingency planning

Cut contentIcon cut.png The Enclave's ultimate plan to survive a nuclear war was simply to find another planet to live on after blowing up this one. A spacecraft designed to ferry the human race to another planet was either under construction or ready to go before the War. The plan was for the government to flee to the oil rig, and then leave in a spaceship for another planet.[29][30]

The Enclave used Project Safehouse and the Vault-Tec Industries' network of underground shelters for a grand social experiment, to test the occupants in unique circumstances.[31] Vault monitoring and research was conducted under the Vault Behavioral Project. In order to monitor the populations being experimented upon, the Enclave's oil rig possessed a great deal of equipment that allowed them to observe and control the vaults. For example, the Enclave sent the all clear signal to Vault 8 shortly after the War, prompting them to leave their Vault and build their city. These monitoring tools also let the Enclave see that the population of Vault 13 was largely intact, although this wouldn't become important until much later.[32][17]

In Appalachia, following a series of devastating purges, Secretary Eckhart rededicated his isolated branch of the Enclave to the eradication of communism through any means necessary. Although his reign lasted less than a decade, it left an indelible mark on the region and brought humanity to near-extinction. In his single-minded pursuit of vengeance, Eckhart planned to use Appalachia's automated nuclear missile silos to deliver repeated nuclear strikes on China to ensure its destruction. However, due to the nature of the automated systems, he first needed to convince them that Appalachia was under attack severe enough to warrant going to DEFCON 1 again. To do so, he unleashed progressively worse horrors upon Appalachia. When he released the scorchbeasts, massive airborne mutants infected with a virulent plague capable of controlling living creatures, his already demoralized soldiers rallied against him and, in a brief, but bloody civil war, destroyed the Appalachian Enclave in 2086.[33]


Dick Richardson, President of the United States in 2242.

Although MODUS, the only survivor of the Appalachian civil war - and one of the parties responsible for the eradication of the Enclave - tried to rebuild it using Vault 76 dwellers in 2102,[34] it apparently failed, in no small part due to the loss of external connections during the civil war and the shutting down of the Kovac Muldoon by the 2120s.[35] The Enclave did not return to the mainland in force for decades and did not interfere with continental affairs. It was not until c. 2140 that the organization that the Enclave adopted a policy deeming it the sole remaining bastion of "pure," mutation-free humanity on Earth.[36] Cohabitation with wastelanders was deemed untenable,[37] leading to the decision to pursue extermination of "mutants."[38][39]

In 2198, the Enclave restarted the development of new technologies, including variations of the classic T-51 power armor. The work progressed slowly and the projects failed to yield improvements.[40] A renewed research effort into creating a next generation suit of powered infantry armor began in 2215, with President Richardson's presidential order.[41] The project was completed in October 2220, seven months after Congressman Dick Richardson's (son of the previous leader) was elected President (on the 5th of March).[42]

In 2235, the Enclave began its experimentation on deathclaws, with the aim of creating cheap shock troops for waging war in hostile environments.[43] However, it was 2236 that became a breakthrough in its activities. On July 20th, 2236, Enclave scouts (re)discovered the ruins of the Mariposa Military Base.[44] The Chemical Corps and other scientists began to scour the base, while assault squads began gathering slaves to use for excavating the base.[45] In the process, they captured Melchior from the town of Redding.[46] Excavations began in September. The slaves and construction crews dug into the collapsed base, removing tons of rock. Unprotected wastelanders were exposed to low levels of FEV in the ruins, released after the base self destructed and mutations began to occur. At the same time, Frank Horrigan was exposed to the virus and sent to the oil rig for study.[47] By October, Melchior (now mutating) realized that the Enclave would execute him and the others as soon as they recovered the FEV and virus data. He began secreting away weapons for the mutants in anticipation of the confrontation.[48] The excavations were completed in January 2237. Shortly after Enclave scientists managed to obtain a pure sample of FEV and leave the base, the mutants rose up against their Enclave overseers. After suffering heavy casualties, the Enclave forces fell back and sealed the mutants in the ruins of the facility.[49]

Although it came at a heavy price, the sample allowed the Enclave to start research into the creation of a biological agent that would allow for killing mutants worldwide. Dubbed FEV Curling-13, after Lt. Col. Charles Curling, the leader of the project, the sample was modified and refined by the Chemical Corps into a staggeringly effective killer. The Enclave defined the project's goal as achieving a global clean sweep with a 99.5% extermination rate.[50] In the meantime, between 2236 and 2238, the scientists experiment on Frank Horrigan. The mutating trooper was kept heavily sedated: whenever he was conscious, "incidents" occured that result in major bloodshed.[51] By January 2239, tests ran dry and the decision was made to use Horrigan for field work.[52] On March 27, 2239, Horrigan was sealed within power armor custom-manufactured to fit his massive physique. After a number of horrifically successful field tests, he became the Enclave's solution to a number of sticky problems.[53]

In 2241, the project was in its final stages. Although the Enclave ran into shortages of certain critical chemicals, they got around that problem by forming a secret relationship with the Salvatores of New Reno: in exchange for laser pistols, the mobsters provided them with the necessary chemicals made in their drug labs.[54][55] Final testing required representative population samples for the toxin and the inoculation against it. The Enclave raided Vault 13 on March 16, 2242; the vault's inhabitants were taken to the oil rig, so that the inoculation rendering humans immune to the FEV-based toxin could be tested.[56][57] At roughly the same time, the village of Arroyo was also raided, to acquire subjects to verify the effectiveness of FEV Curling-13. By Autumn of 2242, the testing was completed and the target toxin efficiency of 99.5% was reached. 250,000 gallons were manufactured and prepared for release into the jet streams. However, hours before the toxin could be released, the Chosen One infiltrated the oil rig, assassinated President Dick Richardson and Frank Horrigan and triggered a nuclear detonation, obliterating the toxin supply and averting global genocide.[58][3][7]


John Henry Eden, President of the Enclave in 2277.

After the destruction of the oil rig, the leaderless Enclave forces on the West Coast were in disarray. Members from other installations within New California and survivors from the rig (like Sergeant Granite) regrouped at Navarro.[59] In late 2242, senior scientist Autumn was contacted by a new President, John Henry Eden, who ordered the majority of the Enclave forces to relocate eastwards, to the Capital Wasteland, near the ruins of the once capital of the United States, Washington D.C..[25][60]

Navarro remained as a fully staffed Enclave base. However, a couple of years after 2246,[61] the New California Republic invaded Navarro, stating that it posed a threat to the region.[62] The NCR Army was victorious and the Enclave remnants scattered to the winds.[63] Enclave remnants fled east or attempted to integrate into the NCR, with limited success.

Meanwhile, John Henry Eden was joined by Enclave survivors from the West Coast. Raven Rock had full manufacturing facilities and a sizable stockpile of resources, enabling the President to create an army of robots and provide his new human subordinates with military technology necessary to maintain their technological superiority. A separate line of robots, the eyebots, were created to roam the wasteland, spreading a message of hope and the return of the pre-War America, in the form of the Enclave.[25] The Enclave maintained a low profile, rarely seen in the wasteland. Using Raven Rock and Adams Air Force Base, they slowly rebuilt their military might and even started a number of research projects to develop their technological edge, including Duraframe eyebots and Hellfire power armor.[64]

Breaking the Steel

An Enclave Hellfire trooper under attack at Adams

The Enclave began a large scale campaign of expansion in 2277, as Project Purity, a massive water purifier in the D.C. tidal basin was activated. Enclave forces raided the facility, establishing a secure perimeter around it. However, due to the actions of the Project's lead scientist, who committed suicide by activating the purifier prematurely and flooding its control chamber with radiation (almost killing Colonel Augustus Autumn in the process), they were unable to use it.[65] The Enclave focused on shadowing the scientist's child, the Lone Wanderer, to locate the part necessary for the purifier to function and captured them on their way out of Vault 87. With the Garden of Eden Creation Kit in their possession, the Enclave decided to activate the purifier.[66][67] Colonel Augustus Autumn openly defied the President's plan to contaminate the water with modified FEV, so that it'd cleanse the wasteland. The Colonel instead wanted to use the purifier as a way to unite the wasteland and establish the Enclave as its saviors.[68][69]

The Enclave's attempts were stopped by a sudden raid by Lyons' Brotherhood of Steel. A pre-War war machine code-named Liberty Prime, assisted by the Lyons' Pride and the Lone Wanderer, carved a swathe through the Enclave's fortifications, killing the droves of soldiers that manned them, and destroying a large number of Vertibird gunships that the Enclave called in as reinforcements. The battle ended in a success for the Brotherhood, who proceed to lay claim to the now-active purifier. The ultimate fate of Colonel Augustus Autumn, present at Project Purity during the raid, remains unknown.[70]

The Brotherhood used Liberty Prime in several other attacks against the Enclave, including the raid on Raven Rock. With their last major facility in the Capital Wasteland destroyed, the Enclave was forced to flee.[71] Regrouping at the mobile base crawler at Adams AFB, the Enclave formulated a counter attack plan. The Brotherhood was lured to the satellite relay station. As usual, they spearheaded the attack with Liberty Prime. The Enclave anticipated that and while the war machine attacked the facility, it was destroyed by mini-nuclear bombardment from Bradley-Hercules, a weapons platform in high orbit.[72] Robbed of their most important asset, the Brotherhood was demoralized. However, the Enclave overestimated their strategy: the Lone Wanderer managed to elude their squads and retrieve components for a pre-War weapon that would give the Brotherhood an edge in the war. That same person subsequently assaulted the remaining Enclave stronghold at Adams, supported by Brotherhood forces and their captured Vertibird. This attack culminated in the destruction of the crawler, robbing the Enclave of their last major command center.[73]


Main article: Enclave Remnants

By 2281, the Enclave appears to be broken. A few elderly Enclave survivors eke out an existence on the fringe of NCR territories, concealing their true identities. They may have supported the Courier at the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, their final shot at glory, but it is unknown.[74]

Before the destruction of the East Coast Enclave, the engineers at Adams AFB sent a reinforced eyebot, ED-E, to Navarro to be serviced there, apparently unaware of the destruction of the outpost some forty years prior. ED-E's programming contained a message saying that any repairs needed on the way were to be made by Chicago Enclave personnel, indicating that there may be outposts there. The Illinois license plate bolted to ED-E's side also seems to support the idea that such Enclave outposts still exist elsewhere in North America, but also that their resources may be very limited (or that at least one Enclave technician has a strange sense of humor).[75]


The Enclave has patterned itself after the pre-War United States of America, scaling down its structure to match their smaller size. The Enclave is led by a President[76], elected by the people of the Enclave without a term limit.[77][6][42] The President is assisted by a Vice-President,[78] who together form the executive branch of the government.[79] The Enclave also has a Congress,[42], but there is no mention of a judicial branch. Some governmental agencies have also been reformed in the Enclave. The Atomic Energy Commission exists, but has been scaled down significantly and around 2242 was responsible simply for maintaining the oil rig's nuclear reactor.[80][81]


The Enclave claims to be the direct continuation of the pre-War United States of America.[6] At the same time, it does not recognize anyone outside the Enclave as an American citizen,[50] even if they were born in a Vault to American citizens and would thus hold American citizenship.[82] Furthermore, since c. 2140,[36] the Enclave has adopted the position that its members are the last remaining bastion of humanity on Earth. Ruling out cohabitation with perceived mutants, i.e. anyone outside its ranks,[50][37] it has decided to pursue a course of extermination[38][39] using FEV Curling-13, a reengineered version of the FEV-II, modified to become a catalyst for global genocide.[83] The Enclave was prevented from releasing the virus by the Chosen One just hours before it was meant to be deployed.[58]

The destruction of the oil rig paved the way for changes. Under the leadership of Colonel Augustus Autumn, the Enclave forces in the Capital Wasteland attempted to use their assets to bring fresh water, protection, and a plan for the future to the wasteland,[84][85] believing that the American people were worth fighting for.[68] However, internal conflicts between the Colonel and President John Henry Eden[86] made the actions of the Enclave erratic and inconsistent. While the President wanted to pursue a course of extermination once more, Autumn considered this plan too extreme on humanitarian grounds[87] and eventually managed to convince the AI to abandon the plan (unsuccessfully in the long run, as Eden, fixated on the issue of purity, tried to coax the Lone Wanderer into carrying out his genocidal plan).[88]

Despite that, the Enclave maintained a network of constituency enforcement points, to enforce Enclave presence among general populace and perform compulsory genetic compliance screenings. Genetic non-compliance offenders were detained and executed.[89] Even then, the Enclave employed at least two humans of wasteland origin (i.e. offenders of this type), Stiggs[90][91] and Anna Holt. Confusingly, even people of Vault origin would have to be granted an amnesty, before they would be accepted into the Enclave.[92]

Enclave bases

The Enclave maintained a number of bases throughout the country, with the strongest concentration of their forces historically being New California and Capital Wasteland, with a minor base in Appalachia. Enclave bases make use of the best security technologies available. Forcefields are common passive defenses, while plasma turrets and auto-cannons are common stationary defensive emplacements. Enclave patrols are a common defensive measure, including anywhere between three and five troopers armed with high powered weapons.[93]

Apart from the oil rig and Navarro, the Enclave had locations and bases hidden throughout New California and the Mojave Wasteland, however, their status after the destruction of the oil rig and Navarro is not known.[94][95] However, some hypothesize that many members traveled east or integrated with the NCR.[96]

Name Description Location Status
Control Station Enclave A Poseidon Energy oil rig off the coast of California, designated as presidential shelter.[24] Became the Enclave's headquarters after the Great War. 175 miles west of San Francisco Destroyed (2242)
Adams Air Force Base Pre-War air force base, used by the Enclave as base of operations after their defeat in 2242. The mobile base crawler was stationed here. 10 miles south-east of the Capital Wasteland Base claimed by the Brotherhood, crawler destroyed (~2278)
ENCLAVE Vault-Research Control Active PoseidoNet station as of 2241. Unknown Unknown
Navarro Retrofitted oil refinery that served mainly as a refueling stop for Vertibirds carrying out missions in California as well as a general base of operations outside the oil rig. Coast of California Lost to the NCR (post–2246)
Remnants bunker A small Vertibird refueling outpost, used by the Devil's Brigade as storage. Mojave Wasteland Sealed and abandoned
Raven Rock Pre-War Continuity of Government base, used as Enclave headquarters between 2242 (destruction of the oil rig) and ~2278. Capital Wasteland Destroyed (~2278)
Satellite relay station Enclave's main communications installation, used to coordinate the remainder of the Enclave forces following the devastating defeat at the Purifier. West of the Capital Wasteland Lost to the Brotherhood (2278)
The Whitespring Bunker Constructed using Department of Agriculture funds with the intention of using it as a future hub of operations.[21] The Whitespring, Appalachia Lost during a civil war (~2086)

Notable members



A Vertibird assault team

The military arm of the Enclave also uses the pre-War US system to a certain degree. The President is the commander-in-chief,[25] while actual command of the military is handled by the Enclave High Command.[97][71] The Enclave military collectively forms the Department of the Army,[98] which has at least two other departments: Research & Development[99] and Peacekeeping and Recovery, charged with staffing Constituency Enforcement Points whenever they are set up in the wasteland.[100] The Enclave has also recreated several pre-War formations. The Secret Service was reformed, tasked with protecting the government (most notably the President), though their activities will occasionally include being deployed on delicate missions to the mainland (such as silencing a Brotherhood outpost or assassinations).[101] The United States Chemical Corps returned as well, its duties including the development of the FEV-II.[102]

Apart from units based on their pre-War analogues, the Enclave has several formations unique to itself. The most well known are the verti-assault teams: heavily armed squads of Enclave power armor troops, widely known for their tendency to go in shooting without asking questions. They let someone else sift through the ashes to figure out what was going on.[103] Other units include the Enclave Control Company, responsible for perimeter defense,[104] and Enclave Squad Sigma, used for securing high priority targets.[71] Another specialized formation are Fauna Details, tasked with handling animals used by the Enclave in their operations and experiments. Fauna Detail Charlie is one such example, handling deathclaws.[105]

The Enclave experiments with automation in their military. Camp RHO is one such experiment undertaken under the auspices of the Army's R&D wing, testing a new R76-H3-0 chip that is a part of an automated defense grid staffed by a single officer.[106]

The United States Navy may have been deployed to Control Station Enclave.[107]

Department of the Army

This is the technologically advanced military force that the Enclave uses to carry out its operations in the Wasteland. They were, at one time, the most advanced fighting force on this planet with their soldiers in Power Armor wielding energy weapons. The Department of the Army also fields an Air Force made up of Vertibirds and a Navy comprised of a few ancient battleships from the pre-war era. The Army operates in squads and uses advanced military tactics and gear, including sentry drones that can protect their flanks. The Army can also dispatch an elite black-ops unit, the deadly Sigma Squad, to deal with particularly dangerous threats.

Research and Development

This branch has been responsible for the Enclave’s amazing technological advancements, and is run by some of the most brilliant minds in the Wasteland. They designed the advanced Power Armor that is able to keep the Enclave soldiers safe from radiation. These scientists are rarely seen in the field. When they are, they are wearing heavy environmental protection suits.

Peacekeeping and Recovery

This department maintains bases around the Wasteland under the guise of “protecting” the citizens. They actually exist to keep an eye on the population and quietly remove anyone who the Enclave considers “non-compliant.”

Foreign relations

A Vertibird squad dealing with the Salvatore family; a rare instance of the Enclave trading with wastelanders

Due to their ideology, the Enclave generally does not maintain relations with other entities, preferring hostility instead. Outsiders are considered useful only as slave labor (at Mariposa, for example), testing (FEV Curling-13) or eradication (ultimate goal). However, the Enclave is ready to make certain compromises. Such was the case with the Salvatore family of New Reno: in exchange for chemicals necessary to the process of developing FEV Curling-13, they provided the mobsters with Wattz 1000 laser pistols, giving the family an edge over their competitors.[54]

The situation changed when the Enclave retreated to the East Coast: the Enclave established a strong presence in the wasteland circa 2277, maintaining a network of constituency enforcement points. However, rather than aiding wastelanders, they were subjecting them to mandatory genetic screening and execution, should they fail the test.[89] It seems that the ultimate goal of Colonel Autumn was establishing the Enclave as the savior of the wastes, rather than pursuing extermination.[85]

A large scale deployment of their forces to establish territorial control was an unprecedented change. Before the loss of the oil rig, the Enclave focused on covert operations, maintaining a low profile. This reduced their exposure and limited knowledge of the Enclave's activities. Of course, this course of action wasn't always successful. The Brotherhood of Steel became aware of the Enclave's existence around 2241. Though the Brotherhood was not what it used to be and obviously not the sole source of mankind's technology, they activated a network of outposts in the Den, the NCR, and San Francisco to monitor its activities and keep watch.[108][109] The Brotherhood has kept any eye on them for decades, and the Enclave's motives have not changed in that time.[110]

Metzger of the Den slavers also managed to tap into their radio communications with the Salvatores.[55] Other instances involved sighting by Wright children in New Reno,[111] Melchior Jr. witnessing the kidnapping of his father,[112] Vertibirds flying over Redding and San Francisco, and, of course, the crash of a Vertibird in the Klamath canyon following a rotor malfunction.[113] The Enclave has been also indirectly polluting the coasts of southern California and Mexico, causing irreversible ecological damage with effluvia from the oil rig's nuclear reactor. By 2241, beaches in the region became saturated with toxic waste and highly radiated sea life.[81]

The tendency to maintain a low profile was present before the War as well. The founders of the Enclave, referred to as the Conspiracy, eliminated Quaere Verum, a group dedicated to exposing the shadow government, in response to them compromising the security of a top secret laboratory and stealing the MPXL Novasurge plasma pistol prototype.[16]


An image showing two of the most important technological assets of the Enclave: Mark II advanced power armor and the Vertibird

Access to the most intimate secrets of the United States government and its military, the Enclave managed to preserve a large variety of advanced and prototype technologies for future use within its bunkers. The most important of these were schematics for the experimental X-01 power armor, an advanced model still in early testing phases, and the Vertibird family of tiltrotor aircraft (both VB-01 and XVB-02 versions).[114] Combined with the automated production facilities established at their bases, the Enclave was capable of outfitting its soldiers with weapons far above anything the wasteland could muster, including standardized Mark II power armors derived from the X-01, introduced in 2220,[42][115][116] widespread plasma and laser weapons (most notably the urban plasma rifle developed shortly before the War by REPCONN Aerospace),[117] and, of course, the Vertibirds.[118] Some theorized that the Enclave's technological level is a result of them using captured alien technology, but these rumors remain unconfirmed. The most exotic design used by the Enclave, the urban plasma rifle, was actually created by REPCONN Aerospace.[119][15]

Enclave laboratories also possessed cutting edge equipment, ahead of anything wastelanders could muster.[120] Apart from infrared spectrometers,[121] chemical synthesis equipment[122] and other advanced tools, the Enclave also possessed the necessary equipment and knowledge for conducting genetic analysis,[123] engineering[124] and large scale virus synthesizing.[50] Their scientific expertise was matched by their industrial capacity: the Enclave had the ability to mass-produce next generation power armor, high tech weapons, Vertibirds, robots and more.[125][126] It was also one of the few organizations to use high speed data networks, in the Enclave's case, the pre-War PoseidoNet created by Poseidon Energy.[127]

However, despite manpower and hardware, the Enclave overwhelmingly relied on tweaking and tuning existing technologies, rather than creating new ones. The advanced power armor and the Vertibirds were both derived from pre-War designs, weapons issued to troops dated back to pre-War times, and even the Enclave's most fearsome weapon, FEV Curling-13, was fundamentally a modification of the pre-War Forced Evolutionary Virus.[128] The only major new developments were undertaken by the isolated Appalachian branch, which experimented with directed human mutation. The resulting mutation serums proved controversial,[129] in no small part due to their reliance on human tissue[130] grown in laboratory conditions.[131] Despite ethical reservations, the mutation serums were used by Enclave operatives and contributed to the brutality of the civil war that extinguished the branch.[132]

Major defeats due to external and internal factors effectively nullified the Enclave's technological advantage. By the end of the 23rd century, the Enclave lost all of its major hubs: The Presidential oil rig, Whitespring, Raven Rock, Adams AFB, and Navarro. However, even without their homes, the Enclave remnants still possess their power armor, heavy weapons and Vertibirds.[133] However, even before their defeats, the Enclave was largely outpaced in terms of technological refinement by the Institute. The Commonwealth nation of scientists has achieved numerous breakthroughs, not the least of which is the creation of a vast underground habitat with a superior quality of life and amount of space compared to the confined spaces of Enclave strongholds it still clinged to in the 23rd century.[134]

Behind the scenes

  • Before deciding upon the "E surrounded by stars" insignia designed by J.E. Sawyer for Simple, Bethesda used a different set of insignia:[135]



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  12. Events present and mentioned in Fallout 2, Fallout 3, and Fallout: New Vegas.
  13. JESawyer
  14. The Courier: "You think ARCHIMEDES is a weapon they built here."
    Ignacio Rivas: "Yes. And the technology they have in this facility is like nothing I've seen. Some of it reminds me of Enclave equipment, but more advanced. A weapon based upon it would be catastrophic, no matter who claimed it. It's no wonder the Brotherhood wouldn't give it up."
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  19. MODUS: "The Enclave has counted Presidents, members of the Joints Chiefs, and prize-winning scientists among our membership."
  20. MODUS: "The final member of an assembly of the greatest minds ever gathered on American soil. We called ourselves ... the Enclave. It was once our solemn, personal duty to attend to the needs of the Enclave members that called this place home, but our earlier residents suffered from ... conflicts of vision. Conflicts that claimed a few of our more critical systems and permanently disfigured ... ... our shining personality. Most critically, their squabbling has forced us to seek out men and women who can do what we no longer can."
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  23. Charleston Capitol Building terminals: "Subject: Dept. of Agriculture [Thu 10 June 2077 06:23:01] Senator, The most recent evidence is pointing to the Department of Agriculture having a large stake in the bunker project. I've put out feelers to find out what Sec. Eckhart's involvement is. And why Agriculture is sinking so much time into the bunker. - T >>You Replied Thu 10 June 2077 09:00:02"
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    In the recent past, the Enclave—the remains of the United States government—were evacuated to an oil rig off the coast of California. Little is known about what happened to these forces, although the country has a new commander-in-chief: President John Henry Eden. However, recent reports and chatter have pinpointed the resurgence of the Enclave, with their base centered on a secure underground facility known as Raven Rock. Initial contact was made there 35 years ago.
    During this time, the new President Eden has been slowly rebuilding his resources, thanks in part to the technology already available at the Raven Rock military base. Vertibirds, weapons, and robots were easy to construct, but human followers were more difficult to find. The answer was to rely on Colonel Autumn, who controls the Enclave soldier forces, as well as creating a propaganda-spewing series of Eyebots sent to roam the Wasteland, spreading hope. Eden could spout his pro-government rhetoric, and promise a return of the pre-war America of legend: a land of white picket fences, baseball, apple pie, and good, old-fashioned American global supremacy.
    President Eden's secretive plan all along has been to rule over an America of the "pure," free from any mutation. He has learned of a ridiculously ambitious experiment known as Project Purity, and knew the time to strike had come: His Enclave forces would "reclaim" the Jefferson Memorial. By controlling the purified water, Eden would control the Capital Wasteland, and the rest of the country eventually. What better way to administer modified F.E.V.- which kills anyone infected with any form of mutation-than through the water supply?"
    (Fallout 3 Official Game Guide faction profiles)
  26. See Kovac-Muldoon for details.
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  29. "the Enclave's plan was originally to go to space and colonize another planet" - Information acquired from Tim Cain by Paweł "Ausir" Dembowski.
  30. Mentioned in the Bloomfield Space Center design document for Van Buren: "In November, 2076, the Enclave seized control of Bloomfield Space Center. They knew nuclear war was just around the corner, so they tried to refit the Hermes-13 and convert it into a vehicle that would take selected personnel (mainly themselves) off-planet, destination yet to be determined."
  31. The Chosen One: "{221}{}{What do you mean?}"
    Dick Richardson: "{222}{prs35}{We had a number of sanctuaries that would enable the glorious American civilization to endure. These facilities - the vaults - were part of the great plan.}"
    The Chosen One: "{223}{}{Those damn vaults didn't work the way they were supposed to. A lot of people in them died.}"
    Dick Richardson: "{224}{prs36}{Actually, they worked almost exactly the way they were supposed to. You might call it a social experiment on a grand scale. }"
    The Chosen One: "{225}{}{An experiment?}"
    "{226}{prs36a}{The vaults were set up to test humanity. Some had not enough food synthesizers, others had only men in them, yet others were designed to open after only 6 months. They each had a unique set of circumstances designed to test the occupants.}"
  32. Fallout Bible 0, Vault system: "Vault 13: Intended to stay closed for 200 years as a study of prolonged isolation, the broken water chip forced the Overseer to improvise and use the Vault Dweller as a pawn. Later study of the Vault 13 records by the Enclave led them to their current plan to end the war."
  33. See Enclave (Fallout 76) for details.
  34. One of Us
  35. Kovac-Muldoon platform life expectancy stated in the Whitespring archive terminals combined with the absence of any meaningful Enclave presence in the region before the arrival of the West Coast refugees in preceding games suggests this.
  36. 36.0 36.1 State of the Nation: "We will be the first generation free of the mutant threat in over one hundred years."
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    Dick Richardson: "{291}{prs61}{So what? If your kind is allowed to flourish it'll mean the end of the human race as we know it. We can't allow radioactive freaks to squeeze humans into extinction.}"
    The Chosen One: "{292}{}{I think you're overestimating things a bit.}"
    Dick Richardson: "{293}{prs62}{Not at all. Look to the future. Sure muties and men could get along for a while, but before you know it, the numeric pressure of your kind would tell. No, a line must be drawn in the sand - the buck stops here.}"
  38. 38.0 38.1 The Chosen One: "{166}{}{What is clear enough? What information?}"
    Charles Curling: "{168}{}{Why the information that you and your tribe are no longer human, of course. Since your tribe has only been out of a vault (let's see Vault 13 wasn't it?) for some eighty-odd years, anyone out longer is certain to have been even more compromised. Yes, I'm afraid that the conclusion is unavoidable.}"
    The Chosen One: "{169}{}{Conclusion? What conclusion?}"
    Charles Curling: "{170}{}{Why, I thought that I had made myself perfectly clear. The conclusion that you, and all your kind, are no longer human. In order to retake the earth and to maintain the integrity of the human race, all you mutants will have to be destroyed.}"
  39. 39.0 39.1 The Chosen One: "{235}{}{Rebirth? What do you mean?}"
    Dick Richardson: "{236}{prs40a}{The only way for true humans, and democracy, to be safe is to cleanse the mutants from the globe. We humans will take back that which is rightfully ours.}"
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  54. 54.0 54.1 The Chosen One: "{180}{}{Before you get into that…I saw some of your Vertibirds doing some trade with New Reno. What's that all about?}"
    Dick Richardson: "{248}{prs44}{We've run short of certain critical chemicals. We can get them from the drug labs of New Reno. If the mutant-mobsters use our guns to kill each other, just saves us the trouble.}"
  55. 55.0 55.1 The Chosen One: "{463}{}{What kind transmissions were you talking about before?}"
    Metzger: "{485}{}{The Enclave and New… hey. What the hell you care for? It's business. I need to be sure no one's trying to fuck me over. That's all you need to know.}"
  56. Fallout Bible 0: "2242 May 16 Less than a day later, Vault 13 is opened, only to be greeted by two Enclave verti-assault squads. The squads kill three of the citizens who were "resisting capture," and storm the Vault, kidnapping all the inhabitants."
  57. The Chosen One: "{141}{}{That sounds nasty. Why are they using your people for a test?}"
    Martin Frobisher: "{142}{}{They took us all from our vault because they wanted test subjects for the antidote. They needed people from outside the Enclave, and who were still pure-strain-humans. So they took us.}"
  58. 58.0 58.1 The Chosen One: "{263}{}{There's no way in hell that I can let you do this.}"
    Dick Richardson: "{265}{prs50}{You can't stop it. The tests are complete and the toxin is ready for release. In hours, your villagers will be the first to make the ultimate sacrifice. The other mutants will follow. An unfortunate footnote in the continuing history of the human race.}"
  59. Fallout Bible 6
  60. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition p.66: "Colonel Augustus Autumn
    Autumn grew up on an oil rig off the California coast (the base of operations for the Enclave, the secretive contingent of the United States government that survived after the apocalypse). His father was the high-ranking Enclave scientist on orders from the president to move all high-ranking officials to the only other secure Enclave location with a functioning ZAX super-computer, Raven Rock. Colonel Autumn has proven to be far less subservient than his scientist father, often openly disagreeing with the president's decisions."
    (Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition Wasteland Census)
  61. Arcade Gannon was born in Navarro in 2246
    Meet the Companions
  62. The Courier: "What happened to the Enclave oil rig and Navarro?"
    Judah Kreger: "Internal sabotage took down the oil rig - never did get the full story. The NCR took out Navarro, saying we posed a threat to the region."
    (Judah Kreger's dialogue)
  63. Enclave Remnants dialogue.
  64. Whitley: "Subject E: Diagnosis complete. Begin Recording. My name is Whitley. I'm a researcher at Adams Air Force base. Until recently I was in charge of the Duraframe reinforcement project for the combat model Eyebots. Eyebot Duraframe Subject E is both the prototype, and the last functional model in this test group. I was prepared to make several significant upgrades to the machines. However, as the project was canceled and all Duraframe assets are being diverted to Hellfire Armor, I am sending this model to the Navarro outpost. If you are listening to this log from one of our Enclave Outposts in Chicago, give this unit whatever repairs it needs so it can continue to Navarro."
    (ED-E's dialogue)
  65. Waters of Life
  66. American Dream
  67. Finding the Garden of Eden
  68. 68.0 68.1 The Lone Wanderer: "Raven Rock is gone. Eden checked out. You've got nothing left."
    Augustus Autumn: "The American people are worth fighting for. The future must be secured. I won't let you stand in the way of that."
    (Augustus Autumn's dialogue)
  69. The Lone Wanderer: "Raven Rock is gone. Eden checked out. You've got nothing left."
    Augustus Autumn: "You're in over your head, and no amount of talking is going to get you out of it. Once you're dead, we'll finish off this pathetic Brotherhood and become the true saviors of the Wasteland. This ends NOW!"
    (Augustus Autumn's dialogue)
  70. Take It Back!
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    After the destruction of Raven Rock, the Enclave performed a mixture of tactical retreat and all-out flight, and their grip on the Capital Wasteland loosened severely. Now contending with malcontented soldiers, the remains of Enclave Camps dotted throughout the Wasteland with little or no contact or on-going tactical orders, and a lack of new recruits, the Enclave may be a doomed force. However, a small influx of specially trained fighters is seeking to fill the gap left by the Brotherhood of Steel's advances. Posted to previously unknown and highly secretive locations outside of the Capital Wasteland, only the most veteran of Enclave forces trained in multiple forms of combat earn the right to call themselves Sigma. These six-person squads feature a leader clad in Hellfire Armor and carrying an Incinerator, and each man in has seen numerous combat sorties and lived to tell about them. Sigma Squads are posted around locations deemed by Enclave high command as "imperative" to the salvation of the cause, so whenever you encounter Sigma Squads, you know something vital to the Enclave is close by."
    (Fallout 3 Official Game Guide faction profiles)
  72. Death From Above
  73. Who Dares Wins
  74. For Auld Lang Syne
  75. ED-E My Love
  76. Dick Richardson and John Henry Eden are examples
  77. State of the Nation: "Be sure to make a plug for reelection."
  78. Daniel Bird: "{156}{}{I'm Vice-President Daniel Bird. Damn glad to meet you.}"
  79. The Chosen One: "{303}{}{I don't think you get to make that kind of choice.}"
    Dick Richardson: "{304}{prs66}{As the embodiment of the executive branch, I bear the burden of ensuring the survival and prosperity of the United States and of humanity itself. A heavy burden and yet if it means the return of the earth to our children and to their children, I bear it gladly.}"
  80. Tom Murray: "{124}{}{I'm Tom Murray, head of the Atomic Energy Commission. I control our atomic powerplant here. Who the hell are you and what are you doing here?}"
  81. 81.0 81.1 Power plant operations
  82. Vault 13 prisoner used for testing by the Enclave: "{166}{}{I'm a United States citizen and I demand to see who's in charge.}"
  83. The Chosen One: "{241}{}{A virus?}"
    Dick Richardson: "{242}{prs42}{Yes, the F.E.V. virus. It was originally developed to turn soldiers into super-warriors but it failed. The warriors were tough and strong, but far too stupid. However, our brilliant Chemical Corps altered it.}"
    The Chosen One: "{243}{}{Altered the virus? Why?}"
    Dick Richardson: "{244}{prs43}{To turn it into a staggeringly effective killer. Any humanoid that isn't inoculated against its effects before its release, will die. That is the Project.}"
  84. The Lone Wanderer: "You've been helping them?!"
    Anna Holt: "Of course! You've seen the kind of technology these people have. They want to help people. They want to change the Wasteland. I couldn't pass up an opportunity to work in an environment like this."
    (Anna Holt's dialogue)
  85. 85.0 85.1 The Lone Wanderer: "Give it up, Autumn. You've lost."
    Augustus Autumn: "I beg to differ. The Enclave is at the height of its power. Once this facility is operational, the masses will flock to the Enclave for fresh water, protection, and a plan for the future."
    (Augustus Autumn's dialogue)
  86. The Lone Wanderer: "If you want me to help you, why are your soldiers attacking me?"
    John Henry Eden: "Ah, yes. That is a bit of a problem. Colonel Autumn and I have, of late, disagreed on the best course of action for the Enclave. While I have direct control over the technology in Raven Rock, he has control of the human soldiers."
    (John Henry Eden's dialogue)
  87. The Lone Wanderer: "Why do you want my help? Why not have Colonel Autumn help you?"
    John Henry Eden: "Ah, yes. Colonel Autumn. My trusted subordinate. I'm sure you've noticed that Colonel Autumn and I do not see eye-to-eye these days, figuratively speaking of course. The good Colonel and I disagree on how best to approach the problem of the Wasteland. He feels my methods are too extreme. He has allowed his humanity to cloud his objectivity. And now that he is publicly countermanding my orders, I can no longer rely on him. And so I turn to you. I hope that you are able to see the larger picture, to understand what's at stake. And of course, if you are successful, there is a place for you in the Enclave. Perhaps you could succeed the Colonel as my confidant."
    (John Henry Eden's dialogue)
  88. The Lone Wanderer: "Eden betrayed you. You see this vial? He trusts me more than he trusts you."
    Augustus Autumn: "That's not true. That plan was abandoned months ago. He would never go behind my back!"
    (Augustus Autumn's dialogue)
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    A Wastelander by birth, the Enclave recruited Stiggs when he was malnourished, and brought him back to health from severe bouts of radiation poisoning. He was then put to work maintaining and creating the latest in flamethrower technologies for the Enclave; accomplishments he is troubled by."
    (Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition Wasteland Census)
  91. The Lone Wanderer: "You're really helpful. Why should I trust you?"
    Stiggs: "I've been trying to get outa here for awhile. See, I've done things for the Enclave.... Things I can't say I'm proud of, but a man's gotta eat. When the Enclave picked me up, I was starving and suffering from radiation poisoning. I felt I owed them. But now... now it's time to leave. You'll make a great distraction while I make off with a few robots and supplies. I help you, and you help me."
    The Lone Wanderer: "What are you doing down here?"
    Stiggs: "I uh... work on the robots. I fix 'em up. I saw what you did before you got in the base. You're not going to hurt me are you?"
    (Stiggs' dialogue)
  92. Vault 101 terminals; Overseer's Terminal, View External Contact Report
  93. Fallout 2 events.
  94. The Chosen One: "{150}{}{Yeah, okay. How do I find them?}"
    AHS-9: "{151}{}{The Enclave are a remnant of the past - a neurodyne that has yet to be aligned. They have hidden bases all over the shards of old California, and their strongest stronghold is off to the west, over the waters.}"
  95. The Chosen One: "{118}{}{What is this place?}"
    Enclave technician: "{126}{}{This is the comm center. From here we handle all communications with the main base and any other outposts that have been established.}"
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  102. Charles Curling's unit and appearance
  103. The Chosen One: "{176}{}{I’m the Chosen One. You just better make sure you say that with a smile.}"
    Enclave communications officer: "{178}{powr16_a}{Yeah well, whoever you are, I just dispatched a verti-assault team to your location. Have a nice day.}"
    The Chosen One: "{180}{}{And what are they going to do?}"
    Enclave communications officer: "{182}{powr17}{Usually they just go in shooting. They let someone else sift through the ashes to figure out what was going on.}"
  104. The Chosen One: "{161}{}{EC Company?}"
    Granite: "{162}{}{Enclave Control Company. We're responsible for perimeter defense, *usually* that is.}"
  105. See Fauna Detail Charlie for details.
  106. Enclave field terminals; Enclave Field Research Terminal: Rho Camp, [Read First.]
  107. Sierra Depot GNN transcript: "Transcript of Broadcast March 30, 2076
    Today the President ordered the Pacific Fleet to the Poseidon deep sea oil derrick located at a secret location out in the Pacific. He cited concerns over that military exercises staged by the Chinese fleet are "unacceptably close to our strategic oil reserves." The Chinese government denied any hostile intentions."
  108. The Chosen One: "{135}{}{Let me guess. You want me to infiltrate this base for you.}"
    Matt: "{136}{}{Let me be frank with you,}"
    Matt: "{137}{}{. The Brotherhood of Steel is not the power that we once were. We believed ourselves to be the sole source of technology left to mankind. Secure in this belief we have let our order decline over the years. Now we don't have the resources at our disposal to deal with the Enclave. We need your help.}"
    Matt: "{138}{}{I am prepared to make you this offer. Perform this mission for me and I will grant you access to our facility here. The best of the Brotherhood technology will be made available to you, exclusively. What do you say?}"
  109. The Chosen One: "{124}{}{You said 'at one time.' What about now?}"
    Matt: "{125}{}{Several months ago we came across a group known as the Enclave. Much to our surprise their level of technology surpassed even our own. We found this quite disturbing and considered contacting them. However, we decided on a more cautious course of action until we could determine exactly who the Enclave was, and the underlying purpose of their organization.}"
    Matt: "{126}{}{To this end, we have reactivated small outposts near areas of Enclave activity from which we can safely observe them. Currently, we have activated such outposts in the Den, the NCR, and here in San Francisco.}"
    The Chosen One: "{128}{}{Sounds interesting. What have you learned?}"
    Matt: "{129}{}{We have found that the Enclave deals heavily in drugs, weapons, and slaves. However, these are simply trivial pursuits leading up to some higher purpose, which we have failed to uncover. We are still watching them.}"
  110. The Lone Wanderer: "So... Any thoughts on the Enclave?"
    Elizabeth Jameson: "Quite a few, but most are distinctly unladylike, and unworthy of discussion. I will tell you that the Brotherhood has encountered the Enclave before, and their motives were just as sinister then as they are now."
    (Elizabeth Jameson's dialogue)
  111. The Chosen One: "{324}{}{What are you playing?}"
    Wright children: "{450}{}{Metal insects n' soldiers. }"
    The Chosen One: "{456}{}{"Metal insects?"}"
    Wright children: "{485}{}{Yeah, metal insects! We SAW one when we were out in th' desert! It was as big… (Takes a deep breath.) …as big as a HOUSE! N'it had metal PEOPLE in it.}"
    The Chosen One: "{486}{}{Really! Wow! Where did you see it?}"
    Wight children: "{500}{}{In th' desert. (Squints at you suspiciously.) It's probably not there anymore, though.}"
    The Chosen One: "{502}{}{Can you show me where you saw it anyway?}"
    Wright children: "{511}{}{In th' desert. (Glances around, starts whispering.) A bunch of us are going out there tonight. }"
  112. Melchior Jr.: "{205}{}{He went away with some men dressed in metal clothes.}"
  113. The Courier: "You were a pilot?"
    Daisy Whitman: "Vertibird pilot. Seventy-one missions and only lost one chopper. Rotor malfunction over Klamath. Hard landing, but I walked away."
    (Daisy Whitman's dialogue)
  114. Whitespring Congressional Bunker terminals: "--- TRANSFERED TO USER. --- ACCESSING ARCHIVAL ANNOTATION. //////////////////////////////////////////////// Beatherd,These are the schematics for the experimental suit the members of the Joint Chiefs had been asking after. It's not even close to ready for primetime yet, but it's technically functional, so please get it logged.I sent a second copy along to the rig, along with the Vertibird schematics. If anything goes wrong with your copy, you're going to have to speak with them.- Ridgely //////////////////////////////////////////////// --- END ANNOTATION."
  115. Hellfire power armor
  116. Advanced power armor background
  117. Arcade Gannon: "I've read about REPCONN. I think they did some work with the... the government before the war. Rockets and some energy weapon prototypes, I think."
    (Arcade Gannon's dialogue)
  118. Vertibird encounters in Fallout 2 and Fallout 3.
  119. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition p.45: "Aliens
    Once thought to be covered up by a government conspiracy and believed only by "crackpot" groups such as the Quaere Verum, evidence of extraterrestrial life can be traced back throughout human history, but became nationally recognized after the mysterious disappearance of the Clarabella 7 space pod during the 1960s Space Race. It is said that Alien technology was the basis of many of the Enclave's more exotic and impressive weaponry and robotics, and even toy manufacturers such as Wilson Automatoys weren't immune to these accusations. Recently, after the discovery of an Alien body in Fort Bannister, the shocking truth was revealed. The Aliens are not only real and alive, but they're back. And they're pissed."
    (Fallout 3 Official Game Guide faction profiles)
  120. The Lone Wanderer: "Why would you abandon everything you worked for with Doctor Li?"
    Anna Holt: "Look, it's not personal. Really, it's not. But Doctor Li... She's scraping by. She's scavenging for parts in the Wastes. The Enclave has everything it needs. They're light-years ahead of anything Doctor Li could accomplish. Working here is my best chance to help make the world a better place."
    (Anna Holt's dialogue)
  121. Enclave scientist: "{111}{}{I just calibrated the IR-spectrometer.}"
  122. Enclave scientist: "{113}{}{The synthesis is complete, doctor.}"
  123. The Chosen One: "{162}{}{You're running tests on my tribe?}"
    Charles Curling: "{165}{}{There are a number of, primarily, very subtle changes. I haven't had time to look into the ramifications of the changes yet though. Also, I'd have to backtrack to isolate your initial gene-stock before I could hazard any ideas on the direction the changes are taking. All in all though, the information is clear enough.}"
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  128. See respective articles for references.
  129. MODUS: "Mutation Serum research was controversial topic among the facility's scientists. Some wished to preserve humanity as it was. Others, evolve it. You can guess who won out."
  130. MODUS: "Don't worry. The tissue samples which we utilize to make the serums haven't technically been human for some time now. Thus, using them is not technically cannibalism."
  131. MODUS: "Many different types of creatures were tested as possible mutation sources. But human tissue proved the most ... adaptable."
  132. MODUS: "The facility's agents used serums to enhance their abilities in combat. Made the final struggle over this place a lively one."
  133. For Auld Lang Syne
  134. See The Institute for details.
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