Employee 011985TP personal log

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Employee 011985TP Personal Log
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Employee 011985TP personal log is a holotape in Fallout 4.




Buzensky: This is government employee number 0 1 1 9... Oh, screw this government bullshit. This is Buzensky. The sirens...they came so fast. Then the alarm. The only ones we could save were on duty. Stevens had left to get something out of his car. Stevens...He's gone. We had to close the door before he could even turn around. Protocol said we had to. I could hear him screaming... That was days ago. We're already running out of food. This place was not as well stocked as they claimed. God damn budget cuts. If anyone is listening to this, my name is Jeff Buzensky. Tell my wife, Wilma, that I love her. Goodbye.