Emergency service railyard

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Emergency service railyard
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Map MarkerEmergency Service Railyard
Cell NameEmergencyRailwayStation
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The Emergency service railyard is a location in Fallout: New Vegas, down the tracks from the NCRCF, near the Primm Pass.


This station was once used to service trains passing through the Mojave desert in case of emergencies. Now it's abandoned, used as emergency shelter by wastelanders, although much of the facility remains in good shape, preserved by the arid, hot climate (except for the secondary crane, which collapsed in on the base building).

The station building is boarded up, but the platform contains two mattresses, a heavily irradiated sink, and shelves with containers and items. There are also several empty bottles of Sarsaparilla scattered over the platform. There's also a firehose box mounted on the side of the building, a campfire, and an Easy-locked empty metal box by the exploded generator.

Notable loot


The emergency service railyard appears in Fallout: New Vegas.