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Ellie Perkins
Fo4 Ellie Perkins.png
Biography and appearance
Hair StyleSo sultryHair ColorChestnut brown
Eye ColorHazel
AffiliationValentine Detective Agency
LocationDiamond City
Valentine Detective Agency
Dialogue FileEllie Perkins' dialogue
QuestsUnlikely Valentine
Far From Home
assistanceHelps allies
Tag SkillsCitizen
Editor RaceHumanRace
Editor IDElliePerkins
Base ID000222a2Ref ID000222a4
Editor FactionsSettlementDiamondCity
ActorJan Johns
Special Head GearFemaleMouthHumanoidDefault

Always a trail to be followed.

Ellie Perkins is Nick Valentine's assistant at the Valentine Detective Agency in 2287.


A child of Goodneighbor, Ellie grew up in the culture of pre-Hancock. As such, she is used to all walks of life co-mingling more freely, if a bit more brutally, in contrast to that of Diamond City.[1] She left Goodneighbor at a young age, eventually moving to Diamond City and becoming Nick Valentine's secretary.[2] As such she handles his appointments, papers,[3] and even consoling clients.[4]

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Working with Nick for years, she has seen Valentine's partner's come and go. One such partner was Marty Bullfinch. A drunkard, lech, and skinflint mooch...[5] he was also a treasure hunter. He and Nick never quite saw the world the same way; for obvious reasons. Mostly because he was usually passed out on the barroom floor. Neither Nick nor Ellie liked him,[5] although they both thought of him as an incompetent Nick did consider him a friend.[6][7][8][9]

After parting ways on very less than amicable terms – a long time after – he came back to the agency to get his old partner to help in his latest treasure hunt: The Gilded Grasshopper.[10] Nick refused, believing it to be another loony scheme by his drunkard friend.[11] Undeterred, he set off for Faneuil Hall to search for the treasure by himself. After making it past the super mutants – which recently turned the place into an encampment – he died on the rooftop catwalks.[12]

After a time[12] working through a small backlog of case files, Nick and his new partner will revisit Marty's case. Completely unaware of his death some time past, they will search him out and uncover the hidden treasure of Shem Drowne. As the detectives return to the agency Nick and Ellie get a chance to solemnly morn over their friend. One whom they never particularly liked, nor respected. Now, they can respect him and his memory.[13][14]

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[15] [16]

Interactions with the player character

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Far From Home

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Unlikely Valentine


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Ellie Perkins appears only in Fallout 4.

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  1. Ellie Perkins: "I grew up in Goodneighbor. I'm sure you've been? You get used to seeing people from all walks of life. I miss it sometimes."
    (Ellie Perkins' dialogue)
  2. The Sole Survivor: "I tracked Kenji's daughter to a synth refuge up north near Far Harbor. She's made a life there. She ended up deciding to stay."
    Ellie Perkins: "I can relate. I left home pretty young, and look at the low-lifes I've ended up with... Thanks for coming in for this one. I knew something good was happening when you and Nick started working together. Don't be a stranger, gumshoe."
    Nick Valentine: "If I didn't know better, I'd say you're giving our friend here all the credit..."
    Ellie Perkins: "Just keeping you on your toes, Nick."
    (Ellie Perkins' and Nick Valentine's dialogue)
  3. The Sole Survivor: "Wait. Who are you? You the detective?"
    Ellie Perkins: "Me? No, I'm Nick's secretary. Handle his appointments, his papers, that sort of thing. Well, that's what I used to do anyway, but now Nick's disappeared, and I can't keep a detective agency open without a detective."
    Piper Wright: "Nicky's missing? What has he gotten himself into this time?"
    (Ellie Perkins' and Piper Wright's dialogue)
  4. The Sole Survivor: "Who's our client?"
    Ellie Perkins: "A fisherman whose family lives on the edge of the Commonwealth. Kenji Nakano."
    Nick Valentine: "Nakano. That name takes me back. Hmm... My memory's a little fuzzy on the details, though."
    Ellie Perkins: "Maybe if you bothered writing things down, Nick..."
    Nick Valentine: "Huh. I'll remember that next time you need me to console a hysterical client. Mister Nakano didn't leave many details. Said he'd go over everything when you meet him. But if you want my guess? Missing person case. Guy had a worried look a mile long."
    (Ellie Perkins' and Nick Valentine's dialogue)
  5. 5.0 5.1 Ellie Perkins: "If you see him, tell Marty I say, "Hey. Where's my twenty caps, you old lech?" Also, "Hi.""
    (Ellie Perkins' dialogue)
  6. Nick Valentine: "Goodness. Did Marty really try and get through all this on his own?"
    (Nick Valentine's dialogue) Note: This line is spoken as Nick and the Sole Survivor make it to the top of the staircase of Faneuil Hall during the quest The Gilded Grasshopper.
  7. Ellie Perkins: "The Marty Bullfinch case. Marty was Nick's partner. Emphasis on the "was." He must've been some kind of desperate to come to us for help after all this time."
    Nick Valentine: "Marty and I never exactly saw eye to eye. Mostly because he was usually passed out on the barroom floor."
    Ellie Perkins: "Oh come on, Nick. Think of the good times."
    Nick Valentine: "What? When he quit?"
    Ellie Perkins: "Heh. That's the one I'm thinking of."
    (Ellie Perkins' and Nick Valentine's dialogue)
  8. Ellie Perkins: "Did you ever find what Marty was looking for? That man didn't get out of bed for free, so I have to imagine it was a pretty nice haul."
    (Ellie Perkins' dialogue)
  9. Ellie Perkins: "Can't believe Marty made it all the way to the Grasshopper. Seems I never gave him enough credit."
    (Ellie Perkins' dialogue)
  10. Ellie Perkins: "It must be some kind of score to bring Marty crawling back to Nick for help. The way they parted wasn't... pleasant."
    (Ellie Perkins' dialogue)
  11. Ellie Perkins: "You know, I can't guarantee it'll be any brighter, but we did have another case lying around, if you're interested. You remember that one Nick, the case from Marty?"
    Nick Valentine: "I do. Some looney scheme to make off with a statue of a grasshopper or something. You're welcome to page through it if you'd like. It's in the folder on the cabinet."
    (Ellie Perkins' and Nick Valentine's dialogue)
  12. 12.0 12.1 Nick Valentine: "Hmm. Guess Marty never quite made it. Don't worry, pal. We'll close this one out for ya."
    (Nick Valentine's dialogue) Note: This line is spoken as Nick and the Sole Survivor find Marty's corpse on the roof of Faneuil Hall during the quest The Gilded Grasshopper.
  13. Ellie Perkins: "Well, look who's back. How'd things turn out with Marty?"
    Nick Valentine: "Not great."
    Ellie Perkins: "Was he drunk?"
    Nick Valentine: "Dead. Made it all the way through Faneuil Hall, too. Went out like a champ."
    Ellie Perkins: "No foolin'. Our Marty made it through Faneuil Hall. Never knew he had it in him... well good for him."
    (Ellie Perkins' and Nick Valentine's dialogue)
  14. Ellie Perkins: "Out like a champ, huh? Good for Marty."
    (Ellie Perkins' dialogue)
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