Ella's Log: Harpers Ferry

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Ella's Log: Harpers Ferry
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Ella's Log: Harpers Ferry is a voice holotape in Fallout 76.




May 2, 2080. Jesus I'm tired. Ever since we agreed to help rebuild Harpers, it's just been non-stop work.

These people are in some bad shape. Some are improving, but it pains me to see our supplies dwindle.

It's just that logical knowledge of knowing you packed for four and then suddenly you need to provide for eight.

On the bright side, we met a guy named Derek the other day who said he's with a group of people called the Responders.

They seem to have realized what we knew all along... that the government wasn't going to lift a finger to help clean up this mess.

The Responders have been at it from the start with no sign of order, so they took it upon themselves to organize and help those in need.

It's also a relief to no longer be the only one with a real medical background and training.

Derek said he can bring back some supplies and help out a bit. At least until we're more settled.

Lucy's been a great help, but her training as an aesthetician can only go so far.

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