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EffectConnects different levels of the Vault.
RequiresAvailable from the start
Game tile Fallouit Shelter.png
Game tile Fallouit Shelter.png

Elevator is a room in Fallout Shelter.


The Elevator connects different floors of the vault. Necessary for downward expansion.

The Elevator is used to move Dwellers up and down the floors of the vault. Several shafts allow for quick travel between floors in case of emergency.

Two elevators are present from the start of each vault, stacking on each other adjacent to your Vault Door.

Elevators are one square wide, stacked vertically into shafts. The first Elevator you build cost 150 CAPS. Each additional Elevator you build cost +25 CAPS more than the previous one you built. If an elevator built without one directly above or below it, a new shaft will be be created with an extra unit below the built one, unless another room is already below it.

The vault layout allows for two separate elevator shafts. Not using the second shaft leaves you with a useless space.

Several Dwellers can move through the same elevator shaft, except

The only elevator not able to be destroyed is the first one right after the Vault Door. It is possible to stack elevator on the sides instead of the preset during the tutorial.