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The Elders are the commanders of the Brotherhood and their ultimate leaders. They wield complete authority and rule the entire organization. The core council comprises four Elders[1] and one High Elder to moderate meetings and cast votes to break ties.[2]


High Elder

The High Elder is technically the leader of the entire Brotherhood of Steel, although he is severely limited in his authority by the Elder council at Lost Hills. Major decisions on Brotherhood policies and campaigns must be approved by the council, with no possibility of circumvention. However, the High Elder may hire external contractors to complete smaller objectives he deems necessary; even if they have been freshly accepted into the Brotherhood and such an action would violate the Chain That Binds policy.

An equivalent position in the rogue Midwest chapter is the position of General, which is otherwise limited in the same way as the High Elder in Lost Hills.

Notable members


The Elders are the highest command position in the Brotherhood, responsible for guiding it and setting down policies. While Lost Hills maintains an Elder council, loyalist chapters established outside California typically only have one Elder, who fulfills the role of chapter's commander. Typically, only Paladins are eligible to become Elders, but exceptions can be made for extraordinary members of other branches.[3]

Notable members


  1. The Vault Dweller: "{346}{}{Who are the Elders?}"
    John Maxson: "{244}{Gen_59}{Well you see there's four of them and that's about all they can ever agree on. They can't even agree if they want to piss, much less pick a pot to piss in.}"
  2. The Vault Dweller: "..."
    John Maxson: "{109}{Gen_2}{I can't. I just moderate these endless damn meetings. There's four Elders, and me, you see? I break up fights and tie votes. Now, if all four vote to pick our noses while an army rolls in here and kicks our collective butt, there's not a helluva lot I can do about it.}"
  3. The Courier: "Tell me about your last Elder."
    Edgar Hardin: "Elijah was a strange one. His even becoming Elder was highly questionable, seeing as how he was a Scribe. Typically, only Paladins are eligible. But an exception was made in his case, on account of him being a genius. Unfortunately, whatever scientific acumen he had didn't extend to tactics. Trying to defend HELIOS was a blunder of the worst kind, and many brothers lost their lives because of it. Many of the senior paladins, myself included, advised him to fight a retreating action, but he refused to budge. Said he almost "had it working". We never did find out exactly what he was talking about. When the perimeter was finally overrun, the Elder had simply vanished."
    (Edgar Hardin's dialogue)