El Dorado dry lake

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El Dorado dry lake
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Map MarkerEl Dorado Dry Lake
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The El Dorado Dry Lake is a landmark in Fallout: New Vegas.


Located at the north edge of the El Dorado Valley, the El Dorado dry lake is a majestic sight for all who pass through the area on Highway 95. This salt flat is a wind-swept expanse of sand and rock, broken up only by the occasional wreck of a pre-War truck or a tunnel exit used by the fire ants. The dry lake was almost ruined by an expansion project or redirection of the highway, but the plans were cut short by the Great War. Remnants of the expansion can be found on the southern edge. Another man-made artifact contaminating the beauty of this sea of sand is a military convoy at the northern edge of the lake, near Vault 11.


The dry lake stretches alongside Highway 95 on the western side, all the way from Helios One to just short of Vault 11 and the 188 trading post. The lake is inhabited by a vast number of fast-respawning fire ants, which are an excellent source of valuable fire ant meat (used to make the fire ant fricassée) and fire ant nectar. The insects also allow for quickly collecting kills for Bug Stomper and Lord Death challenges/perks.

For crafters, there is a total of nine jalapeño pepper plants across the dry lake, primarily near the abandoned trailer, and thirteen barrel cacti on the edges of the lake. Other points of interest are the aforementioned trailer on the northern edge, guarded by a prospector's dog, and the military convoy stuck near Vault 11, which allows the player to set off the largest chained vehicle explosion in the game.

Behind the scenes

  • The name of the lake is derived from Spanish, meaning The Golden One. The name was given to the region after the Spanish discovered gold veins within around the 18th century and was reinforced by the 19th century gold rush.


El Dorado dry lake appears in Fallout: New Vegas.