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El Dorado Gas & Service
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Map MarkerEl Dorado Gas & Service
Cell NameSLElDoradoGas (exterior)
SLElDoradoGasINT (interior)
ref id000dde57 (exterior)
00155ef0 (interior)

El Dorado Gas & Service is location in Fallout: New Vegas, northeast of Helios One and southwest of Boulder City.


Just off Highway 95 sits an old franchised gas station operated by Poseidon Energy. Although the coolant pumps are long gone, the building remains an useful navigation aid and shelter for weary travelers. Makeshift bedding is common both outside the station and within the garage, with a campfire near the entrance into the station. The interior is largely empty, with some supplies and ammo boxes stashed behind the counter.

Vipers hide behind the billboard, waiting to ambush travelers seeking to rest at the station.

Notable loot


El Dorado Gas & Service appears in Fallout: New Vegas.