Egret Tours Marina

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Egret Tours Marina
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Map MarkerEgret Tours Marina
FactionsCommonwealth Minutemen (optional)
Cell NameEgretToursMarinaExt
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TerminalsPhyllis's Terminal

Egret Tours Marina is a location in the Commonwealth.


This marina on the Charles River is the hiding place of Phyllis Daily, an addled lady who believes she's a synth because she accidentally murdered her grandchild. If she can be convinced to put it behind her, she and her marina can become a valuable asset to the Commonwealth Minutemen.

Settlement information

The marina has decent amount of scrap materials for steel, wood and rubber for the construction of other buildings, even though the two buildings still standing offer adequate shelter. The land flanking the buildings is prime for planting crops, while there is open and standing water for large scale water production. The marina is in a moderately dangerous zone of the Commonwealth, so raids can be frequent; still, attacks can only come in from three sides.


The most prominent building is Daily's house, which contains the settlement workshop and a cooking station. Upstairs is Daily's terminal and safe, as well as a weapons workbench. North of Daily's building is the marina's boathouse, and to the west are three piers; the middle one has a diner, and the northern one has a small storage shed.


Notable loot


Egret Tours Marina appears only in Fallout 4.