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Edward "Eddie" Winter
Biography and appearance
Hair StyleHairMale14Hair ColorHairColor08Bleached
AffiliationWinter family
RoleFormer crime boss
LocationAndrew Station
FamilyClaire Pozinski (girlfriend)
Steven (cousin)
Dialogue FileEdward Winter's dialogue
QuestsLong Time Coming
Combat StyleDefault
assistanceHelps Allies
Tag SkillsCitizen
Editor RaceGhoulRace
Editor IDEddieWinter
Base ID000969c6Ref ID0014bf24
Editor FactionsMS07cEddieWinterFaction
ActorJay Giannone
Special Head GearHairMale14

Edward "Eddie" L. Winter[1] is is a ghoulified pre-War crime boss living in an underground compound within Andrew station in 2287.



Before the Great War, Winter was the head of his own crime family, and committed a laundry list of crimes over the course of nearly two decades, ranging from petty larceny to first degree murder, even killing the fiancée of a Boston PD detective in August of 2077.[1] However, he was granted full immunity for his crimes against the people of Boston during a police investigation codenamed Operation Winter's End. The only way the Boston Police Department could possibly clear a hardened criminal such as Winter of his crimes involved making him an informant on the Boston Crime families, even his own; to this end, he recording ten encrypted holotapes that incriminated several of his associates.[2]

Naturally, snitching on every crime family in Boston immediately put a target on Winter's back, forcing him into hiding. He cleaned out his harborside residence and took refuge in the tunnels beneath his sandwich shop and speakeasy in South Boston. Still, this was only an added benefit of his shelter; shortly before, he had bribed a contact with Army Intelligence for information about the global situation, namely that nuclear war was imminent, and his bunker would be enough to ride out the worst of it.[3]

Furthermore, Winter was literally in it for the longest of long cons; he did not want to simply survive the war, but thrive after it. With his contacts at Wicked Shipping, he got his hands on some nuclear material and a doctor in East Boston bold enough to run an experimental treatment. The treatment mutated his cells, turning him into a ghoul and greatly extend his lifespan. He invited his girlfriend Claire Pozinski into his shelter so they could weather the fallout together and dominate Boston afterward.[3]

However, by the time Nick Valentine and the Sole Survivor uncovered Winter's hiding place in 2287, Claire was long gone, and only Eddie remained in his bunker. After over two centuries of investigating, Detective Valentine was able to exact his revenge upon Winter, who met his end below Andrew Station.[4]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

This character is involved in quests.

Long Time Coming


  • Long Time Coming: Eddie Winter is the subject of Nick Valentine's search, confronted at the climax of the quest.


Laundered loungewear
Eddie's Peace
Carried items
Drops on death
No additional items

Behind the scenes

Eddie Winter was likely inspired by Whitey Bulger, the former organized crime boss of the Winter Hill Gang of Boston. Not only does Eddie share his surname with Bulger's gang, the Federal Bureau of Investigation alleges that Bulger served as an informant for them, mirroring Eddie's role in Operation Winter's End.



Edward Winter appears only in Fallout 4.