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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{This person seems to be swaying slightly.}
{101}{}{You see the party bartender.}
{102}{}{It seems he's been sampling some of his merchandise.}
{202}{}{It seems she's been sampling some of her own merchandise.}
{103}{}{Wha...whas..what cans I gets yas. [Hick.]}
{104}{}{Nuka Cola [$6]}
{105}{}{Beer [$15]}
{106}{}{Booze [$30]}
{107}{}{Nothing today. Thanks.}
{109}{}{Ohhhh...that ain't no fun ta drinks. [He hands you your drink.]}
{111}{}{Here ya goes. It's a bit warm cuz it hasn't had time to cool. Sellen' the stuff faster than I can makes it. [It's warm, it's yellow it's....]}
{113}{}{[You feel the walls of your stomach dissolve as you take a large gulp.]}
{115}{}{Whoa...[hick] I thinks yuz had nuf ta drinks already.}
{117}{}{Ahhh man! You don't have enuf money! Cum back when ya gets sum.}
{119}{}{He has a bit of a wild look to him.}
{120}{}{You see an addict.}
{121}{}{He seems a bit jittery.}
{122}{}{Whatdoyawant? Igotitall!}
{123}{}{Mentats [$560]}
{124}{}{Buffout [$400]}
{125}{}{Psycho [$800]}
{126}{}{Nothing today. Thanks.}
{128}{}{Thatsgreat! Givemethemoneyandgetoutofhere. Igotabusinesstorun.}
{130}{}{Likethesayinggoes. Nomoneynohoney. Oh. Thatsforsex. Howaboutnodoughnoblow. Comebackwhenyougotsomecash.}
{132}{}{Heheheh! Lookslikeyoucanusesomementats. Giveme$1000.}
{133}{}{[Give the man $1000]}
{134}{}{Me go.}
{135}{}{OHYEAH! Thiswillpickyourightup!}

#Drunk: sets the sex flag
{150}{}{Hey, you're kinda cute; whats your name?}
{151}{}{A'lil higher. Ohh, yeah.}
{152}{}{You ready ... get jiggy with it?}
{153}{}{Naw..naw..naw..naw nuh naw.}
{154}{}{Watch like this. Yeah.}
#Drunk: the sex flag is set and you got some
{155}{}{Na't now go away.}
{156}{}{Lemme be drunk over here.}
{157}{}{Go get jiggy ..somewhere else.}
#prop Drunk
{158}{}{How about you and me get away from the crowd?}
{159}{}{Uhh, lets do it!}
{160}{}{Naa, I'm drunk.}
{161}{}{[Burb] ::smile::}

#Addict: set the sex flag
{170}{}{Hey, you want to go behind that bush?}
{171}{}{You ever been high and done it?}
{172}{}{I could show you the stars, baby.}
{173}{}{You know I want some lovin'.}
{174}{}{I was hoping to run into someone who was ready to go.}
#Addict: the set flag is set and you got some
{175}{}{That was enough for me.}
{176}{}{Hey, you got a cigarette?}
{177}{}{Hey, now don't get too attached -- I like my freedom.}
#prop Addict
{178}{}{You're as sleek as a panther and I want you.}
{179}{}{You ready?}
{180}{}{Not now; I gotta shoot up.}
{181}{}{Man the hatches. We're goin' in.}

{200}{}{Don't be a jerk!}
{201}{}{Go party elsewhere.}
{202}{}{Who let you in?}

{203}{}{This is not cool!}
{204}{}{Chill dude.}
{205}{}{Relax man!}