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Echo Lake Lumber
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Map MarkerEcho Lake Lumber
QuestsTurn Back the Fog
Cell NameEchoLakeLumberExt
DLC03EchoLakeLumber01 (bunker)
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TerminalsEcho Lake Lumber terminals

The Echo Lake Lumber is a location and possible settlement on Mount Desert Island.


The public face

Echo Lake Lumber was a wholesale business that sold lumber from their mill. As Fall 2077 rolled around they were the ones hosting the annual Lumber Jack Festival. This family friendly event consisted of axe throwing, the block chop, the hot saw competition, and the announcement of that year's Jack and Jill. However the business was also into... less than family friendly pursuits.

Beneath the surface

Secretly they were operating a chem laboratory on the property. Or perhaps under would be the better adjective. Their chemist Levi producing drugs like Daddy-O to sell to pad the coffers of the business. He would operate like this for some time, until he was accidently discovered by Bentley. When he saw that Levi was across the log rolling course in the early hours before work. Out of curiosity he asked what Levi was doing there. Levi's response was to record a message to Jimmy, threatening him into getting Bentley to leave Levi alone or he would stop the chem operation.[1] With the Great War of October 23, 2077 the property would lay with its festival setup intact. Over the centuries it would eventually become a homestead, however its bunker would remain hidden and undisturbed. A tomb for the man whom died there, possibly a lab accident.[2]

The latest devastation

When the latest fog phenomenon, the entire island become engulfed its radioactive and carnivorous dangers. The family that occupied the settlement was unable to flee before the fog engulfed them. The harbormen fled to Far Harbor, when they didn't see them they assumed that they all died. Later feral ghouls would overrun the mostly abandoned property driving away the only survivor, Malcolm. Driven insane and cannibalistic by the fog still clinging to his claim, from a safe distance.[3] Now with the Far Harbor–Acadia alliance, and with the fog condenser technology, Small Bertha will enlist the Sole Survivor to help reclaim the settlement. A prime location due to its connection to the island's wind farm.[4]

Settlement location

Echo Lake Lumber is unlocked as a settlement after completing Turn Back the Fog. It has a large area, with huge amounts of wood, steel and concrete able to be scrapped from around the locale. There is also plenty of arable land for crops, as well as open water from the lake that can provide high scale water production.


The area consists of a main building with a number of concession stands to the northwest. The first and second floors of the main building are shops lined with shelves. The third floor consists of a loft, and an Advanced-locked door that leads into an office. A nearby stairwell ascends to the attic, where a steamer trunk rests.

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Notable loot

  • The Harvester, in the steamer trunk on the fourth floor attic of the main building.
  • Levi's holotape, in the desk terminal on the third floor of the main building.
  • Two bottles of Vim; the first is outside at the bottom of the grandstands on the table behind the cash register, the second is located in the concession stand near the entrance?
  • A bottle of Vim Captain's Blend on top of the Vim left of the Beverage concession stand.
  • Two doses of Daddy-O in the bunker on the desk.

Related quests


Although the sign is pre-War it specifically names the town as "Far Harbor" rather than Bar Harbor.


Echo Lake Lumber appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


  1. Levi's holotape
  2. The skeleton scene is a male skeleton on the floor by the chemistry station, with blood spatter on the wall above it. The room remains full of supplies two hundred and ten years later.
  3. Small Bertha: "Is the Lumber Mill safe now? People are getting anxious. A little... unstable."
    The Sole Survivor: "Who owns the Lumber Mill?"
    Small Bertha: "No one any more. There was a family there. They didn't make it. Why? Did you find anyone there?"
    The Sole Survivor: "There's one survivor at the Lumber Mill. He's a trapper."
    Small Bertha: "One Trapper. I... I think we can handle that."
    The Sole Survivor: "Malcolm says he owns the Lumber Mill. Not you. Was he lying?"
    Small Bertha: "I... We thought he was dead. Been that long in the Fog... Maybe it's better if he did die. We have people here that need a real home. People that think straight. People worth saving."
    (Small Bertha's dialogue)
  4. Small Bertha: "I have to talk to you. I got 14 1/2 caps. I want to hire you."
    The Sole Survivor: "I'll bite. What's the job?"
    Small Bertha: "Harbormen don't belong on this dock. If we keep clinging here, we'll bleed out and die. To get better, to grow stronger, we need land. Echo Lake Lumber Mill has power lines that connect to the old Wind Farm. If you clear the land, Harbormen can wire up the Condensers. Make it safe from the Fog."
    The Sole Survivor: "How do you know all of this?"
    Small Bertha: "My father was a mechanic. A good one. Before the Fog took him."
    (Small Bertha's dialogue)