Easy Pickins

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Easy Pickins
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Easy Pickins is a paper note in Fallout 76.


  • Lewisburg: Near the body of the raider on the roof overlooking the historic court building.



Alright. we've been eyeing Lewisburg for awhile now. It's actually impressive they've stayed organized this long but we found a weak spot: those stupid sky gardens they pretend clean the air. They've got bridges connecting the gardens across most the rooftops in the city. If we get up there, it's easy pickins on everyone below.

Here's the plan. This Saturday is their Spring Garden Festival. I'm sure we all remember them from before the bombs. They all pile into Downtown and pretend to be artsy while listening to shitty music. Absolutely no one will be expecting a raid. We go through the Visitor's Center to the rooftops, set up around the festival and...like I said, easy pickins.

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