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The Eastern Commonwealth
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The Eastern Commonwealth, and commonly referred to as the Appalachian Territories,[1] was one of the thirteen commonwealths of the pre-war United States of America. Created in the early 21st century, it was comprised of the former states of West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York, and borders the New England, East Central and Columbia Commonwealths.


Main article: Appalachia

Prior to the Great War, Appalachia was the perfect microcosm of contention between the rich and the poor with many former miners being replaced in mass for cheap and readily available robots; spearheaded by all mining companies in the region. Resistance against this the complete economic abandonment of the working class was fervent among locals with rioting and protest becoming widespread just before the war. The official government stance on the matter was on the side of the companies as any protest was seen as communist sympathizing during wartime. The local government would even throw itself into the automation trend with Ballot Measure 6 that would've automated the entire government except for key positions.

All that would become irrelevant after the Great War as survival in a transformed Appalachia would become the new priority for everyone. Many groups would form in the early post-war years, most notably would be the Responders, a chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel, the Free States, many separate groups of raiders, and a contingent of the Enclave. They would all perish from either a combination of in-fighting and a plague of mutated bats called Scorchbeasts that spread a virulent plague that turned those infected into mindless, violent husks. The only hope for the region would be the Residents of Vault 76 that would emerge in 2102. While the Scorchbeast queen would fall to them, ending the threat's potential exit from the region, a new situation arose a year later, when Settlers and Raiders returned to the region in search of a mysterious treasure...

Notable Locations

New York


West Virginia


The Eastern Commonwealth appears in Fallout 3 and its add-on The Pitt, and is mentioned in Fallout 4. Additionally, West Virginia is the setting of Fallout 76.