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East Side
Fo2 East Side of New Reno.png
Overview of the East Side
Map MarkerEast Side
Part ofNew Reno
BuildingsWright Estate
Railway Station
QuestsFind out who was responsible for Richard Wright's overdose.
Bust up Wright's still beneath the train station.
Find a way into the Sierra Army Base.
Suspect: Renesco

The easternmost district of New Reno is the East Side, under Wright control.


Practically the entire area is covered by the Wright's mansion and a smaller building above it. Since the Wright family has a strict policy of staying away from drugs, the player won't be able to get any chems here.


Fo2 New Reno Wrights Stills.png

Located beneath the train station.


  • Aside from doing quests for the Wright family, this is probably the least useful area in New Reno, as there are few people to barter with, and even then they don't carry many items.
  • If you wish to assassinate the Wright leader for one of Reno's families, or simply just for fun, you can give one of the kids outside the mansion a pistol and tell him to "wave it around in daddy's face and pull the trigger."
  • If you talk to the children here around noon and ask them what they are doing, they will tell you they are playing "metal insects". Giving one of the kids a pistol and passing a speech check will allow you to see a transaction between Raiders and Enclave. If you stay still during the transaction and simply watch, you will gain 1500 exp. Take note that later all the children will end up dead, probably caught spying on the transaction.


East Side appears in Fallout 2.