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The East Coast, also known as the "Eastern Seaboard" or "Atlantic Seaboard," refers to the easternmost states of the pre-War United States. While in a strict geographical sense it includes the entire eastern seaboard, in popular usage the term "East Coast" is most often used to specifically refer to the northern half of this region, which is also known as the Northeastern U.S.


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Atlantic coastal regions

Eastern part of the former United States

Adams Air Force Base

Adams Air Force Base was a major United States Armed Forces military installation before the Great War. Located just outside the Capital Wasteland, the base is accessible through the Presidential Metro, and in 2277 served as a secondary headquarters for the Enclave, supplementing their installation at Raven Rock. Enclave operations here were centered in the Mobile Base Crawler, which had the capability to call down orbital strikes on several locations in the Capital Wasteland.

Broken Banks

The Broken Banks was one of several regions Tobar piloted the Duchess Gambit to, along with the Commonwealth and the Capital Wasteland. Nothing is known about it, except that it is located south of the Capital Wasteland and may refer to a location in the Carolinas.

Capital Wasteland

The Capital Wasteland is the area surrounding the former city of Washington, D.C., including portions of the former District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. As of 2277, the area is overrun by super mutants, raiders, mercenaries, and numerous other dangers that threaten the small human and ghoul populations.

The central hub of civilization in the former capital's ruins is Rivet City, a settlement housed in the remains of a beached aircraft carrier. Other settlements include the towns of Megaton, Canterbury Commons, Andale, Tenpenny Towers, Paradise Falls, and the Brotherhood of Steel Citadel within the ruins of the Pentagon. Movement through the ruins of the downtown Washington, D.C., area itself is facilitated by the remaining Metro tunnels.


The Commonwealth is the remains of the pre-War state of Massachusetts. Like most other major population centers of the United States, it was ravaged by the Great War, and is as lawless and inhospitable as the Capital Wasteland. Despite its anarchic nature, it is also home to the mysterious Institute, which has continued to develop advanced technology even after the massive amounts of destruction caused by the Great War. Among its accomplishments are artificial intelligence and androids, built as a servant class, with other models serving as trackers to return runaway androids. The Railroad, another organization within the Commonwealth, works against the Institute to free the enslaved androids.

Crater Banks

Nothing is known about this area, other than the fact that it is on the coast. It is only mentioned once, in a single line of dialogue from Quinn. When asked "Travel? Where do you go?" he responds "Oh, here and there and everywhere. I've explored all up and down the coast, from the Commonwealth, to The Pitt, all the way down to Crater Banks."

Mount Desert Island

The Island, also known as Mount Desert Island, was a former tourist hub wasn't ravaged by the Great War, but instead slowly overtaken by a mysterious fog. The Fog grossly mutated and transformed both the wildlife and humans that came into contact with it. The town of Bar Harbor has since become one of the last remaining havens of civilization in the area, as a local group of Children of Atom and a settlement of synths have recently arrived to the region.

Great Lanta

Great Lanta is the birthplace of Saint Monica, who is venerated by the Church of Saint Monica aboard Rivet City in the Capital Wasteland. The exact location of Great Lanta is unknown, as it is only mentioned once in a sermon by Father Clifford, where he describes it as "on the shores of the ocean." The name suggests that it may be related to the Greater Atlanta area but that does not extend to the coast in our world or it could be referencing Atlantic City.[1]


Centered around the Nuka-World amusement park, the region was home to a number of tourist traps and a town. The actual park, while once having been settled by traders and were then enslaved by raiders, has since become inhospitable apart from the main hub of Nuka-Town.

Point Lookout

The region of Point Lookout, Maryland, just south of the Capital Wasteland, was home to a small seaside resort town established after the 1950s. Point Lookout was one of the few places in the United States not directly hit by nuclear bombs during the Great War, but lingering radiation in the waters of the Chesapeake Bay has had a significant impact on the area's wildlife and native population. The effects of the radiation were amplified by inbreeding which led to large amounts of deformities in the native populations.

Inland regions

Erie Stretch

The Erie Stretch is a region located somewhere along the coast of Lake Erie, possibly even the city of Erie, Pennsylvania. It is only mentioned once, by the Pitt slave Brand, who asks "You're new, aren't you? Are you here from the Erie Stretch? The Capital Wasteland? Ronto? Where's home?"


Monroeville is an area east of The Pitt, known to have significant ghoul and trog populations. It is mentioned only once, by the Pitt slaver Everett.


Philly is the name given to the ruins of the pre-War city of Philadelphia. It is mentioned on Abraham Washington's terminal where he states that the Liberty Bell is still intact and "is laying in the ruins of Philly." He also mentions funding an expedition to retrieve it from "that dump."

The Abbey of the Road

The Abbey of the Road is a Christian monastery located far west of the Commonwealth, though its exact location is unknown. The church's main concern is the well-being of the other Christian churches along the East Coast.

The Pitt

The Pitt is a raider settlement built from the decaying infrastructure of the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The settlement is divided into two main areas: Downtown, where slaves work and live, and Uptown, where the raiders live. Downtown includes quarters for the slave population, The Mill, and the abandoned Steelyard which is inhabited by Wildmen and trogs and contains remnants of pre-War manufacturing facilities. Uptown contains the Abandoned Apartments, an area of housing which as been left by the Pitt raiders and is inhabited by a fairly sized trog population, and the Haven building, which the personal palace for The Pitts leader, Ishmael Ashur. A network of ramps and bridges connects the upper floors of The Pitts dilapidated buildings in both parts of the settlement, serving as platforms for raiders to oversee the working slaves.


Little is known about Ronto, including its exact location. It may refer to the city of Toronto, Ontario, or Toronto, Ohio, which is located 30 miles from The Pitt, down the Ohio River. By 2277, Ronto had established itself as a notable regional power with a reputation that extended as far as The Pitt.


  1. Clifford: "Today we hear the story of Saint Monica. She was born in Great Lanta on the shores of the Ocean. Her parents were both Ghouls. Yes, that’s right, I said Ghouls. That she was conceived at all was a miracle. That she was born unafflicted was an even greater miracle. God tested Saint Monica. She did not lead an easy life. Sold into slavery by Raiders, she was forced to sell her body. They took her only son, Ehren, from her and sold him. She prayed every night to God for his safety. She did not pray for herself, although her burden was great. Each night she would preach the word of God to the Slavers. After sixteen years, God provided a miracle. One of the Slavers repented his wicked ways and helped her to escape. Four years she looked for Ehren. Four years she wandered the Wasteland. God looked over her in those years. When she found her son, she found he was a wicked man. Ehren had overthrown his masters and taken their place. He was an owner of men. Ehren took his mother to be his slave, even knowing who she was, for Ehren blamed her for his painful early life. Each day Ehren would think of a new and wicked trial to put her through. She would only smile at him and say, "I forgive you." Each morning she would be miraculously healed as if nothing had happened. When Ehren truly realized her love and God's love was boundless, he flung himself at her feet and begged for Saint Monica’s forgiveness. Ehren released all of his slaves, and they rejoiced. He repented all his wicked ways. Who among us is without sin? Who among us can claim to be innocent? Come, brothers and sisters, let us pray to God and Saint Monica for deliverance from our sins, as Ehren was delivered from his. Amen. Let us pray."
    (Clifford's dialogue)