Early Warnings

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Early Warnings
Quest data
LocationAbbie's Bunker, Raleigh Clay's Bunker, Ella Ames' Bunker, Relay Tower LW-B1-22
Editor IDFS01_MQ_Warn
Base ID00002315
Related quests
The Missing Link
leads to:
Reassembly Required

Early Warnings is a quest in Fallout 76.


This quest is a follow up quest from the quest The The Missing Link and focuses on the dwellers' attempt to posthumously finish Abbie Singh's upgrades needed to complete the Scorched Detectors across Appalachia.


  • The quest starts once the player completed The Missing Link and enters Abbie's Bunker. The bunker is safe, with only radroaches and glowing radroaches calling it home. Abbie's pre-recorded message will play on the intercom (If power armor is being used, the player might have to exit the Power armor to be able to hear Abbie). She will ask the player to complete her project.
  • First, the player needs the missing uplink. This was found in the raider vault at the end of Key to the Past, itself a prerequisite for completing Missing Link. The uplink has to be repaired at Abbie's tinker's bench.
  • Doing so will yield the access keycode to Raleigh Clay's Bunker. Entering it will trigger another recording of Abbie. It's time to go parts hunting. First, players need to collect five fan motors from Clay's generator room.
    • Players can also collect Clay's special schematics to complete the quest.
  • Afterwards, they need to find five heating coils:
  • The quest will complete once the player crafts five upgraded motors at Abbie's tinker's workbench and selects the Motors Upgraded option at the main SDS terminal in the main room of Abbie's bunker.

Quest stages

- Find the missing uplink
- Repair the broken uplink
- Check in at the SDS terminal
- Enter Raleigh's Bunker
- Find five Fan Motors
- Find Heating Coils across the Mire
- Craft five Upgraded Motors
-Quest finishedCheck in at the SDS terminal