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Eagle's Cove Tannery
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Map MarkerEagle's Cove Tannery
QuestsHull Breach
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Eagle's Cove Tannery is an abandoned pre-War tannery on Mount Desert Island in 2287.


A man named Pauly camped here until the Fog rolled in around 2286; he had to leave in a hurry, leaving behind his Pelman brand power tools. Since then, feral ghouls have moved in and the fog has moved out. This however doesn't help Pauly, as he left the island recently, making his camp fair salvage.[1]



The tannery is centered around the parking lot. The windowed shed in front contains an office with a caps stash and an Expert-locked safe upstairs. The wooden shed on the other side contains a derelict bar and restrooms for the workers.


The interior is accessed through the blue doors on the north wall. The interior is small and fairly simple. An Advanced-locked office near the front entrance contains an Expert-locked safe, a marksman's combat shotgun, and an opened safe with pre-War money and leather. The central room is lined with tanning racks and machinery and a catwalk above holds the controls for the machinery.

Against the eastern wall is a ramp descending to the basement and storage area, where a bundle of power tools for The Mariner and a red steamer trunk lay. The place is infested with high end ghouls, with a glowing one protecting this loot. There is a nearby Master-locked door that leads back outside. If doing Hull Breach, Machete Mike will spawn upon exiting.

Notable loot

  • At least 18 hide bundles can be found throughout the facility and the surrounding grounds.
  • The power tools are in the basement of the tannery, tucked in the back between two shelves.
  • tannery key


Eagle's Cove Tannery appears only in Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


  1. The Sole Survivor: "Can you tell me about the tannery?"
    The Mariner: "A man named Pauly used to camp there. Very handy fellow. Fog rolled in a year back and he had to pull up his stake. He left the Harbor recently, so every thing that's there is fair salvage."
    (The Mariner's dialogue)