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Dunwich Borers
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Map MarkerDunwich Borers
FactionsDunwich Borers LLC (formerly)
The Forged
Cell NameDunwichBorersExt
DunwichBorers01 (interior)
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Station 1 terminal
Station 2 terminal
Station 3 terminal
Bedlam's terminal
Station 4 terminal

Dunwich Borers is an old marble quarry found within the Commonwealth, that has been taken over by both a detachment of the Forged, and feral ghouls.


An old marble quarry[1] abandoned since the Great War, the massive excavation hides an even more horrible secret than a heinous OSHA track record and plenty of worker deaths. As with many other companies before the war, Dunwich Borers LLC cared little about the people in their employ, with money being the primary concern. Railings and support beams were only set up where necessary and renovated only when they decayed to the point when they couldn't do their job properly.[2] Workers were kept pacified by a combination of paychecks, Happy Hour events right next to the largest pit in the mine,[3] and annual picnics.[4]

Of course, the neglectful attitude of the company claimed lives, leading to workers falling to their deaths while under the influence or children perishing inside the excavation pit after wandering too close to the edge. The response was usually to address the symptom, not the underlying cause of the problem. For example, when a child was killed in the pit during the 2076 picnic, the company didn't bother installing railings, but simply bought an extra sentry bot to ward people away from the edge.[5] But to the management all of this was an acceptable sacrifice, as they had an ulterior motive at play: The quarry was the site of an ancient temple to dark, forgotten gods where human sacrifice was routinely performed. The excavations aimed to uncover the site and grant the corrupt executives... Benefits of unknown nature. What is known is that after reaching the point where the temple became accessible, the company started to take a turn for the sinister, culminating in the murder of the three station managers by Tim Shoots and the management, out of concern that they might expose what lies... Below.[6][7]


The dig is fairly straightforward. The external area is a gaping hole in the earth, carved out to reach the deposits of marble located under the ground. Due to the size of the excavation, cages were set up to ferry workers from one side to the other, restored to working condition by Bedlam's raiders. Long engagement ranges and little cover means that long range weapons are greatly encouraged.

The interior of the dig, accessed at the bottom of the excavation, is a linear, straightforward affair. The goal is to go as deep as possible. Progress is marked by the different stations (four of them), going deeper into the darkness. After killing Bedlam at the bottom of the massive pit, the player can enter the sealed-off section containing station 4 and the abandoned deep dig containing relics of an ancient temple and a massive statue gazing upwards from the abyss with a pupiless eye. The dive connects to a small room with an altar that contains Kremvh's Tooth and notably shouldn't be undertaken in power armor, as it will sink to the bottom with no means of egress.


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Dunwich Borers appears only in Fallout 4.

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