Dry Rock Gulch employee area

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Dry Rock Gulch employee area
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Map MarkerDry Rock Gulch Employee Area
Part ofDry Rock Gulch
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TerminalsSouvenir Shop Terminal

The Dry Rock Gulch employee area is a location in the Dry Rock Gulch park of Nuka-World.


A backstage area for Dry Rock Gulch, containing several maintenance workshops.


The only way to access this area is to get the power working to unlock the door to the gated off area, or jump up the rocks in Dry Rock Gulch and hop over the wall. The are is straightforward and infested with feral ghouls in addition to being littered with frag mines. A workshop in the east has a weapons workbench, while one to the south has a power armor station. A series of planks make a staircase on this workshop, leading up to the central building.

Notable loot

  • SCAV! issue #5 is on the roof on the central building, near the steamer trunk.


Dry Rock Gulch employee area appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.