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Dr. McDermot Journal 69H
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The Dr. McDermot journal 69H is a holodisk in Nuka-World.




McDermot: This is Doctor Darren McDermot, last known survivor at the Safari Adventure Replication Facility continuing my personal recordings. I ventured outside today and almost got spotted by a group of wasteland scavengers that had wandered into Safari Adventure. Therefore, against my own better judgment, I'm going to attempt to splice a few of the more dangerous samples I have left in cold storage. I need to use the Nuka-Gen Replicator to create some sort of specimen that's formidable, yet trainable. Something that can protect me, but most importantly, protect this facility. It will take some to work out the chemistry and mathematics of the data, but I'm confident I can create a viable specimen within... a few years. I know Dr. Hein would have objected to this course of action, but he isn't here and I can't let this equipment fall into the wrong hands.