Dot's Diner

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Dot's Diner
Company data
CountryUnited States of America
LocationsCapital Wasteland

Dot's Diner was a chain of diners located in the Capital Wasteland before the Great War.


These restaurants provided service for every hour of the day. They can be spotted all over the Capital Wasteland, most notably the Grisly Diner and across from the Jury Street Metro Station. It may sometimes be beneficial to the player to investigate these derelict eateries. Some might contain valuable loot, crafting materials, or food left over from the war, as well as supplies of pre-War money in the cash registers. Others might be used as outposts by raiders or other enemies who might even have "extended" the facility and fortified it to suit their needs. These improvised outposts might contain ammunition and/or weaponry. Still other diners might be used by non-player characters to set up shop and sell food or wares, such as the one run by Joe Porter in Canterbury Commons.


  • Many of these contain various booby traps, and there are usually hostile creatures nearby. Be cautious.
  • A diner near Jury Street metro station is involved in the quest Jiggs' Loot because Prime's body is found there.

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