Doctor Li's outfit

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Doctor Li's outfit
Doctor Li outfit.png
Icon RC scientist outfit.png
DR3Item HP100
Doctor Li's outfit
Enclave scientist outfit
Lab technician outfit
Scientist outfit
Vault lab uniform
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Doctor Li's outfit is a piece of clothing in Fallout 3, worn by Doctor Li in Rivet City. The outfit is a scientist outfit which lacks any stat bonuses.


The outfit can be repaired with Enclave scientist outfit, lab technician outfits, scientist outfits, and Vault lab uniforms. The glasses can be repaired with a large variety of other glasses (see infobox).


The Lone Wanderer can acquire the outfit by reverse-pickpocketing Doctor Li. After activating Project Purity Doctor Li leaves the game, making it unobtainable (with the exception of console commands of course) if it hasn't already been retrieved.