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District of Columbia Transit Authority
DCTA logo.png
Company data
Founded byUnited States Congress
CountryUnited States of America
LocationsWashington, D.C.

The District of Columbia Transit Authority (DCTA) was a pre-War government agency responsible for maintaining the rapid transit system in the District of Columbia and adjoining boroughs, as well as portions of the urban infrastructure.


The DCTA handled rapid transit in Washington, D.C. as well as connecting areas of Virginia and Maryland. The extensive, intensely marketed network of Metro tunnels serviced thousands of customers on a daily basis, allowing them to bypass congested streets and reach different areas of the city with ease. In order to deal with labor shortages as a result of the protracted Sino-American War, DCTA implemented Protectrons as security and automated gatekeepers.[1] Employees were also provided with standard issue military-grade laser pistols for protection against an expected Communist insurgency on American soil.[2]

The agency made extensive used of union contracts, like the Maintenance Service Union Contract, to determine the rights and obligations of its employees, which also outlined contract termination conditions.[3] The DCTA Regulatory Committee handled these affairs as well as other disciplinary affairs. It also handled publications familiarizing employees with their duties, like the DCTA Employee Handbook.[2] It was also a significant client for many of the local businesses, including the robot repair center.[4]

The Great War has destroyed the DCTA. The collapse of society and abandonment of the nation by its leaders led to widespread chaos. While reclamation efforts were undertaken by the DCTA and emergency services, the lack of coordination and oversight slowly dismantled them. By 2277, the only thing that remains of the agency are the crumbling Metro tunnels inhabited by raiders, super mutants, and feral ghouls and artifacts picked out from the rubble by scavengers.

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