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Dispose of merchant.
Quest data
LocationThe Hub Heights
Given ByDecker
Reward2500 caps
500 XP
Related quests
Dispose of Jain.
Take down Decker

Dispose of merchant is a side quest in Fallout. It's given by Decker to kill the merchant Daren Hightower and his wife for refusing to deal with the Underground.

Quick walkthrough

  1. Go to Decker on Lorenzo's advice.
  2. Accept the quest to kill Hightower.
  3. Trick the guard into giving you access.
  4. Kill Daren Hightower.

Detailed walkthrough

To receive this quest the Vault Dweller must first speak to Lorenzo at the Friendly Lending Company and ask him about Decker. Lorenzo he will tell the player who to go to for work. The vault dweller then ought to tell Kane in the Maltese Falcon that they are looking for a job and mention Lorenzo's referral.

After accepting the quest the player can collect their $500 down-payment from Kane. Then they need to go to the southwest exit grid in Downtown of the Hub. This will take them to the Heights. The Hightowers live in the building in the middle of the section. The player should talk to the guard outside the door, and mention that they're running late for an appointment to get into the mansion.

Then it's a matter of just walk into the merchant's bedroom and opening fire. Both Daren and his wife need to die. Talking to Mr. Hightower will result in the player getting kicked out, so just shooting the couple is preferable. In response, all 5 of the guards will come running, armed moderately well. Three have 10mm SMGs, one has a Desert Eagle, while Leon has a 14mm pistol. Decker demands eliminating any witnesses, so they need to go too.

Another way to get the quest done is to come at night, after 7PM, and promising to go away to the guard that hassles the player. Instead of leaving, the player should go round the house clockwise, but don't turn around the corner so that the guard in front of the door sees them. When the guard patrols around the corner, the player should run to the door, open it, then close it once their companions are in too, but before the guard returns. The player can now kill Hightower and his wife without the guards minding, as long as the player ends combat mode before they go out, and they don't enter the guards' field of view (sight) on their way to the exit grid. Alternatively, the player can simply snipe both of the Hightowers from their bedroom's southern window, eliminating the need to enter the house at all. There isn't any special gameplay advantage to either of these stealth approaches; they just allow you to bypass the guards.

The player can then head right on back to the Maltese Falcon and speak with Kane to get your reward. Hub Cops will not turn hostile.

Take down Decker

Main article: Take down Decker

After getting this quest from Decker, the player can choose not to do it at any time and rat him out to the Hub Cops, Sheriff Justin Greene specifically. He'll request the player's help in raiding the Maltese Falcon and stamping out the Underground. The player can even do this after completing the quest and receiving their reward, as long as he succeeds a Charisma/Speech check.


Thieves' Guild

There is a locked footlocker titled "Strongbox" inside the mansion; inside is the necklace that Loxley wants stolen. Since the player is blowing apart the Heights anyway, now is a good time to retrieve it. Be careful though, the box is trapped!


  • Although it's not intuitively obvious, completing this quest may have an effect on what game ending you experience for the Hub.


  • It is impossible to complete this quest if Mr. Hightower is killed before this quest is received. It is advised to receive this quest before killing Mr. Hightower.