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TypeRaider gang
GovernanceGang leader and two lieutenants
StructureAnarchic warband
Notable MembersDixie (lieutenant)
Savoy (lieutenant)
HeadquartersNuka-World, Fizztop Mountain
Relations and associations
Related EntitiesOperators
The Pack

In the past, the Disciples never left a victim alive. After the alliance of gangs at Nuka-World, they've learned to curb their appetite for blood.

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The Disciples are a raider gang operating out of Nuka-World in 2287.


An older raider gang originally led by Sledge, the Disciples were turned into what they presently are by Nisha, his protégé. He killed her parents and took her in as his own child, raising her in the violent ways of the wastes. Eventually, Nisha turned the tables on Sledge and killed him after a month of torture.[1]

Nisha instituted far-reaching changes into the way the gang operates, rejecting any semblance of morality. To survive in the brutal post-apocalypse, the newly-named Disciples had to be better than the wildlife or other raiders: more brutal, more merciless, more savage. Their hostility almost cost them the opportunity to seize Nuka-World, in fact, as Nisha cut the throat of the first messenger.[2] Gage didn't hold it against her, however, and the two managed to strike a deal: in exchange for taking over Nuka-World, they would receive a cut of the operations and territory, setting themselves up for life. While the Disciples weren't thrilled by the need to cooperate with two other gangs they deemed lesser than themselves, they managed to put their reservations on hold long enough to conquer Nuka-World.[3]

However, despite a promising start, the situation stagnated. After a year of no activity from Colter, the nominal Overboss, the Disciples were getting anxious. The Gauntlet only occupied them temporarily, after which they were back to a holding pattern. As such, she supported Gage's plan to remove Colter and find a new leader for the raiders.[4][5]


The Disciples are a brutal warband, led by Nisha. Although she is the most brutal of the lot, frequently torturing captives merely for the thrill of it, she enforces strict rules within her gang. Most important of those is not to get caught breaching the rules of Nuka-World or the Disciples, including theft, but mainly murder.[6] Punishment is typically swift and characteristically brutal.[1] Her two lieutenants are Savoy and Dixie, the former acting as an enforcer due to his unflinching loyalty and immunity to seduction, the latter as second-in-command, granted the position to contain her psychopathic tendencies by appealing to her vanity.[7]

While similar to the Pack in their rejection of reason and moral order, the Disciples are fundamentally different. The Pack revels in debauchery and self-destructive behavior, treating the wasteland as the Land of Do-As-You-Please. However, the Disciples see it as an inherently hostile place, where the only way to survive is to be brutal, violent, and unflinching. It's either kill or be killed.[6] In practice, Disciples are sadists, preying on the weak not merely for sustenance, but also sport. Captives are routinely tortured to death at Fizztop Mountain, with their corpses used for decor and blood drained from their bodies for bathing.[8]


The Disciples use handmade rifles and Disciples blades for combat, though favor the latter when possible.[9] For protection, they use a variety of crudely formed suits of metal armor and cover their bodies from head to toe in rags and leather. Curiously, they also favor headgear that obscures the face, perhaps due to their more intimidating appearance.[10]

Interactions with the player character

  • In Nuka-World, the Disciples are one of three raider gangs at the amusement park and can be favored by assigning them territories.


The Disciples appear only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.