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Disaster relief outpost
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World map: Point Lookout
Map MarkerDisaster relief outpost
QuestsThe Dark Heart of Blackhall
Cell NameDLC04MedicalTent01
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TerminalsTerminal (Administration Tent)
Marcella's Terminal
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The disaster relief outpost is a location in Point Lookout, used as an outreach center for the volunteer aid team.


The outpost was established during the New Plague outbreak in the United States, around 2059. The original team working for the Federal Fitness Registry has previously attempted to reach out to the local populace, but has vacated the area long before the new, volunteer-based relief team arrived, with the mission to evaluate medical and social needs of local populace and raise awareness of health risks and provide aid on a local need basis. After the team settled into the Homestead Motel, they established the outpost as an outreach center to the local populace, despite their lack of supplies (basic antibiotics and amenities for hygiene; the worthless New Plague pamphlets were hardly useful).[1] After a quick assessment of the local situation, the team's leader identified priorities as improving the local infrastructure (which up to this point lacked basic elements), starting with basic vaccines and sanitation supplies.[2]

The first outreach effort didn't go too well. The population in central Point Lookout, mostly outsiders on contracts in the area (construction workers, business staff etc.), did not need aid, while the rural population identified as the target of relief efforts, did not come into town.[3] Further attempts yielded even worse results, as a volunteer named Victoria organized a second outreach even at the Ark & Dove Cathedral, which was the only public building close to the territories occupied by rural folk. When she arrived at the location and found it empty, she attempted to investigate the nearby swamp to make contact with the populace. She ended up knocked out, though nothing in her possession or of the supplies at the Cathedral was stolen.[4]

Eventually, the outpost was abandoned. Centuries later, they were discovered by a traveling missionary, Marcella. She reassembled them, and uses them as a "base camp" for spreading her message to Point Lookout.[5][6]


The disaster relief outpost is found directly west of the Duchess Gambit. It consists of four small tents pitched along the southwest coast. Marcella's tent is the tent in the center closest to the coast. It contains a bed, a safe and a desk. On the desk is a terminal that holds Marcella's journal entries. To the left of and behind Marcella's tent are medical tents which have some beds and first aid boxes. To the right of Marcella's tent is the administration tent which has a bed and some ammunition boxes. It also has a desk with a terminal that has entries concerning the New Plague.

Notable loot


Disaster relief outpost appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.


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