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The DCR neon sign in Diamond City

Diamond City Radio broadcasts the most popular music from before the war, as well as more recent news stories.

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Diamond City Radio is a radio station that is hosted in the Commonwealth, and is being openly broadcast from Diamond City Radio within Diamond City. It is operated by Travis Miles (or Sheng Kawolski, if Travis happens to die).


Diamond City radio is the primary source of entertainment in Boston and beyond, providing many songs from the contemporary era, as opposed to Classical Radio. Although its DJ is a source of nuisance as well. In order to improve his confidence, the player must talk to Yefim Bobrov as part of the quest Confidence Man.


All Diamond City Radio broadcasts are randomly assembled from news segments, music, and respective intros and outros to each. There are three distinct states the radio goes through: Nervous Travis is the default, Confident Travis after the completion of said quest, and finally Sheng. The last one is certainly the most grating.

Nervous Travis


Segment Transcript
General Coming to you from, uhh, the jeweled green... I mean the green, the uhh Great Green Jewel of the Commonwealth, it's... Diamond City Radio.
This is Diamond City Radio, and I'm... uhh... you know, it's me. Travis... Anyway.
You're listening to, uhh... Diamond City Radio. If... if you're listening at all, I mean.
Music We've got some... Well, there's music. And also news and stuff. But, but mostly music.
Hey, this, uhh, this is Travis. Miles. I mean, Travis Miles. And I'm playing... I mean, you're listening to Diamond City Radio.
Silver Shroud Here, uhh... here it is... the conclusion... the exciting conclusion, I guess, of the uhh, the Silver Shroud.
It's time, for, uhh... another episode of the Silver Shroud. What will happen this time? Who knows...
So, the Silver Shroud... Boy, that's... well, that story's still going. Let's, uhh, let's find out what's happening!
Will the Silver Shroud survive his latest dilemma? I mean, probably... there are more episodes after this one... but, uhh, let's find out.
It's that time again... Time to find out if, uhh, if the Silver Shroud has... You know, if he's solved... A mystery. Or whatever.
Now, uhh... well, now let's find out what everyone's, uhh, favorite hero... what he's up to. It's the Silver Shroud.


Subject Transcript Requirements
Vault 111 Dweller So... there's a bit of, uhh, news. Well, more of a, you know, a rumor really. Someone... I'm not sure who, but I guess... I mean, it probably doesn't matter who... anyway, someone saw, well... I guess they think, uhh, maybe they saw a person in a, uhh... a Vault Suit. I mean, coming out of Vault 111. It's the Vault 111 part that's weird, I guess, right? I mean, it's not like no one's ever seen a Vault Suit before, I just... Well, anyway. You get the idea, I guess. Let's, uhh.. I'll just, uhh, just go back to the music. Start the game
Nick is back Hey, how... Uhh, how about a bit of good news? If you, you know, haven't already seen him, which I did so I know it's true and not just something I overheard... Uhh... I mean, umm, Nick Valentine is back in town. He was gone for a while, and some people who are totally not me, thought that... Well, they thought he might be dead. Or destroyed, or whatever. Anyway. Glad you're back, Nick... Even though we never really talk. Like, ever. Complete Unlikely Valentine
Vault dweller is looking for leads So, uhh... some recent activity in, uhh, here in Diamond City... that... you might want... to, uhh, know about. I've heard... I mean, it seems that, uhh, Nick Valentine is looking into some, uhh, former residents of Diamond City. There was a house in... It was in the West Stands, and there was a guy, and a kid living there... And they didn't really bother anyone, but... Well, I guess maybe there was something funny about the whole thing. And I mean weird funny and not ha-ha funny. I mean, I saw the guy, and he looked, uhh, sort of scary, but... Well I don't really know much more than that. But... uhh, I guess if you see that guy or the kid that was living with him, you should tell Nick. Or the guards. Or maybe both.
Greenetech wiped out Hey, so... There's this bit of news that, uhh, might... It might interest you. If not, just hang on a minute, and I'll go back to the music. If you hadn't, uhh, heard... I mean, I guess most people know this but maybe someone didn't... That, uhh, the Greenetech building was where those mercenaries lived... Uhh... the... Gunners! Gunners, that's it. That was like their base, sort of... only now they're pretty much all dead. Those guys were tough, so... I mean, I guess whoever killed them had to be even tougher, right? And there's... well, I don't even know if this is true or not, but... There's this rumor that maybe... Maybe the Institute was involved. But that's just what I heard... I don't know if that's true or not. It's probably not, right? Yeah... anyway, back to the music, I guess. Complete Hunter/Hunted
Molecular relay So, uhh, there's this thing I heard about... I'm not even really sure what to say... There are stories about... Well, it's some big contraption that's being built out there in the Commonwealth. No one that's mentioned it, uhh... They don't know what it does, not for sure. This next part... Well, I mean it's just people talking, you know? Doesn't, uhh, doesn't make it true... Not necessarily. But it's been said... Well, it has something to do with the Institute. Trying to blow it up, or make it disappear, or something. There aren't... There aren't really any details. If... If I were you, and I saw this thing? Well, uhh, you'd better believe that... you know, I'd run the other way. Start building the relay
Subject Transcript Requirements
Synths Hey, uhh... have you seen the, uhh... Well there's this article in, uhh, the newspaper. Publick Occurrences. Boy, I mean... It's, well it's something. I mean, I, uhh... I'm not saying anyone is a synth, you know. I'm not saying it's, uhh, correct. And, you know, of course the mayor... I mean, I was, uhh, asked to read... I have a statement from the, uhh, mayor's office. You know, it, uhh... well I mean it just says there's, uhh, nothing to worry about. That it's... you know, safe and all. Kind of... It's crazy stuff, right? I mean... weird. Anyway, it's, uhh... well it's something to think about, I guess. McDonough remains in place
Prydwen destruction Hey, uhh, hey everyone. Hi there. Uhh, sorry to... y'know, interrupt, but this is, uhh... well it's kind of important... There's been a, uhh, crash... at the airport... where the, uhh, the Brotherhood had set up. It sounds like, well, uhh... everything kind of... exploded. So.... stay tuned, I guess? I mean, if you want to. You don't have to. It's... it's just a suggestion. We'll just hope that, uhh... Destroy the Prydwen
Battle of Bunker Hill There's, uhh... Well, there's more news of fighting in the Commonwealth... This time... Well, I guess Bunker Hill was attacked. It sounds like, from what people are saying... the Institute was involved. I guess... uhh... they really mean business now, huh? The, uhh, the Brotherhood showed up too, from... that's what I heard. There is talk that maybe, uhh, maybe there were escaped synths... They were, I don't know, hiding out there? I'm not really sure. The Railroad was, uhh, defending the town. Or, at least, they tried to. I think. But, uhh... I think I would suggest maybe... just... staying in Diamond City. All the time. Just to... To be safe.
Kid in the Fridge Hey, everybody... I mean, everybody who might be listening now, which... I mean, I guess I hope it's a lot of people... So there's a story that, uhh, that I heard... which I will now share with you. It's a story about a little boy named Billy. Billy, I'm told... he, uhh, he was separated from his family. I, I don't quite know how that happened, and I guess it doesn't really matter. So this kid... Billy... I guess he wound up running into, uhh, you know, the Vault Dweller.
If sold to raiders

I guess, uhh... Well, I guess that didn't really work out for Billy. I understand that he, uhh, he was sold to Raiders. Now, I... I know, it's a harsh world and all... But, uhh, that seems pretty bad. I mean, even for the Commonwealth. I guess... Well, I mean I guess you just need to be careful who you make friends with out there.

If returned to parents

I... I don't know the details, really... but thanks to the Vault Dweller, uhh, little Billy managed to find his parents again. I know that... Well, it isn't always, uhh, great out there in the world, so I thought you might like this story.

Anyway, back to the music, I guess.

Complete the quest
Return of the Silver Shroud

Time for some news, I guess... sure, why not. So, there's that saying that, uhh, sometimes truth is better... no, stranger than fiction. Well, you know... the, uhh, the radio plays that I air sometimes? Usually in the right order? You know, the, uhh, Silver Shroud. It sounds like, uhh, someone takes them really seriously. Like maybe too seriously.... There are, uhh, reports, I guess, about sightings of the Silver Shroud in the Commonwealth. In, uhh, in Goodneighbor. Or near there, at least. Anyway, I guess... oh, man, this is so weird... I guess this Silver Shroud is, like, cleaning up the town, or something? One of the, uhh, residents... a guy named Kent... He was supposedly rescued by the Shroud. Or at least that's what I heard. So, now there's a, uhh... There's a superhero out there, defending justice, I guess... Or at least killing people that hopefully deserve it.

Complete The Silver Shroud
Parson's State Asylum So, here's something that happened... in the Commonwealth... that I have overheard from two people... who I do not believe were drunk... There was that old, uhh, asylum. Parson's, right? And it was creepy... and everyone knew to, uhh, stay away from it. Well, I guess... I mean, this is the part that I heard, and I thought it was weird... Raiders attacked the place. I don't... uhh, I don't know why. But, okay... The weird part... So, now Parson's is, uhh, well it's abandoned. Like, totally. So, I guess... I mean, something must've happened, right? And it must've been pretty serious... But maybe we'll never know. Anyway... weird, right? News. Yep. That's, uhh... that's the news. Back to the, uhh, back to the music...
USS Constitution Hey, would you, uhh, like some good news?... That's great, because I've got some. Hey, hi. Umm, so here's an, uhh, an update for you. About things that are happening, y'know, in the Commonwealth. Y'know that big ship... the, uhh, the old sailing ship? The, uhh, the one that's on top of a building downtown? Well, I would, uhh, avoid it if I were you. I mean, more than, uhh... than you'd avoid the rest of downtown. Which should already be, I don't know... a lot.
If the player sided with the scavengers

I mean, I guess, uhh, technically it's still there. Only... well, parts of it kind of... blew up. Loudly. From what I understand... It was, uhh, scavengers. That blew it up, I mean. I guess maybe after they took stuff. From it. The ship. So.... yeah. That happened. Umm... I guess maybe I'll play some music.

If the player sided with the robots

I mean, it's still there, it's just... uhh, it's just in a different place now. It's now, uhh... Heh. Well, now it's stuck in the side of a, uhh, another building downtown. Not, uhh... Not the sort of thing you would expect from an old ship... Or really any ship, actually... but there you go.

Complete Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution
Now, here's another... Well, it's some news about things in the world. That have happened. That, I don't know, maybe you hadn't already heard about. It sounds like, from what I, uhh, heard people saying in the bar the other night... There was a... what would you call it... Well I guess it was some sort of chems deal, like selling them or something... And it went bad. Gunshots, people dead... The whole she-bang. It's weird, but, uhh... This happened at about the same time that Henry Cooke went... uhh, went missing. Is that a coincidence?... Maybe! It's, uhh... It's unclear whether... I mean, no one knows if everyone involved died or not. Probably, though. That's usually how these things go. Just... Just another day in the Commonwealth, am I right? Right?...
Covenant I've, uhh, I've got some more news for you, if you're interested. And, I mean, if you're listening. Of course. Duh. There's that little town of Covenant... You know the one I mean, right? That one? Well, I guess it's empty. It happened recently, but all of a sudden there's just... well, there's no one there anymore. I haven't, uhh, heard any kind of... y'know, explanation for it. But it definitely happened. I hope they weren't, like, all murdered by Raiders or something. That would... well, that would be sad.
Vault 81 I've got some, uhh, news... well, more of a rumor really, but that's kind of like news... Anyway, it's about a Vault here in the Commonwealth. So, there's that Vault... it's, uhh, number 81... and it stays pretty much closed all the time, right? Well, the rumor that, uhh, that I heard... What's going around, I mean... heh... People are saying there was some kind of, uhh, disease outbreak. I don't, uhh... I don't really know how... serious it is, or whatever, but, uhh... You might want to think about, you know, avoiding it. The Vault, I mean. Avoiding the Vault. There's really, uhh, there's really only so much you can do to avoid diseases, right?... I guess maybe it was, uhh, pretty bad there... for a while... And some people died, I heard. But things are, uhh... Well, they're better now. Complete Hole in the Wall
Trinity Tower Maybe you heard the, uhh, radio broadcast... the one from Rex Goodman? That guy that was, uhh, he was captured by Super Mutants? Really bad luck, if, uhh, if you ask me... Anyway, Rex has been... He was saved by the, uhh, Vault Dweller. So, he's... He's alive... yay... and I guess will probably avoid Super Mutants. Even more than, uhh, than he used to. One, uhh... One last thing that's... well, it's sort of related: One of the Super Mutants, has, uhh, I guess kind of, joined forces... with the, uhh, the Vault Dweller. Not, uhh... Well, it's not really my idea of... good company, but... whatever works for you, I guess. Complete Curtain Call
Yangtze So, there's weird news... and then, uhh, there's really weird news. This, uhh, heh, this... Okay, here goes... and I swear this is what I was told. I mean what I heard... Apparently, a, uhh... A Chinese submarine... oh boy... was seen off the coast, heading out to sea. I guess, uhh... I guess we should be glad it wasn't going the other way, huh? I swear... I'm not making this up. Help Captain Zhao get his submarine operational
If you, uhh... If you haven't been to Goodneighbor recently, like I certainly haven't, you might not know about the latest news there. Now, uhh, I'm not saying I know this for sure... and I certainly didn't have anything to do with it, but there has been a, uhh... A robbery. Supposedly. It sounds like someone... Again, not me... Someone managed to steal from Goodneighbor's mayor, Hancock. If you, y'know, are at all familiar with Hancock, or have heard the stories that I have heard, you might be surprised at this, uhh, turn of events. Like I said, I absolutely had nothing to do with this, I just... y'know, heard about it. I would not want to be on Hancock's bad side. If anyone listening... I mean, assuming anyone is listening at all... if you were involved, I would, uhh, watch my back. Like, forever.

You may have heard the name "Bobbi No-Nose," which out of context sounds pretty funny... but I mean, she's a ghoul, so it's actually sort of, y'know... literal... Anyway, there was talk, so I hear, that she was up to something. A "heist" as they say. Something sort of big, I guess. Maybe. But, well... she's sort of, uhh... Disappeared. No sign of her. And nothing has gone missing, at least not that I've heard of. Which I realize isn't saying much. Did the job go wrong? Was it so successful that uhh, just, no one knows about it? There may never be answers... Which makes it kind of hard to, you know, report on it. Maybe... Maybe I shouldn't have tried.
Subject Transcript Requirements
Cambridge Police Station relief Well, here's an, uhh, I guess you'd say... unexpected bit of news. I heard that a group of soldiers... is it knights? soldiers? Constabularies? What are we calling them now? I don't know... Soldiers from the Brotherhood of Steel were spotted in the Commonwealth. Sounds like they were, uhh... Well, they were kind of in trouble. At the Cambridge Police Station... They were in pretty bad shape for a while. But then... The, uhh, the Vault Dweller showed up and gave them a hand. Or a gun, or something. The Vault Dweller helped them, I mean. Guess they'll probably be on their way soon, then... Right? HO, WE'RE GONNA DIE! Complete Fire Support
ArcJet firefight It sounds like, uhh, the Brotherhood of Steel is... Uhh, they're still around. In the Commonwealth, I mean. I guess there was some sort of fight... Like, with lots of guns or whatever, at the ArcJet building. Some people... Not me, just some other people... were wondering if maybe they were looking for something, uhh, specific. That... That makes sense, right? I mean, they, uhh, they like technology... and stuff... so that seems like a place they'd go. I guess they were seen coming out of it all right, so maybe... Maybe now they'll, you know, leave? If they got what they came for? I don't know. It was just a thought. I'll... I'll play some music. Complete Call to Arms
Arrival of the Prydwen Okay, so... uhh, I guess... At this point, it's, uhh, it's safe to say that the Brotherhood of Steel is going to be, uhh, sticking around. I mean, uhh, you probably noticed the giant airship... Is it a blimp, or a dirigible? What's the difference?... Anyway, the airship that's arrived. They haven't, you know, made any sort of announcements... But, uhh, I think they're probably going to stay. For a while, at least. In the meantime, everyone should, you know... Just try not to, uhh... Don't worry. I'm sure everything will be fine. Right?... Here's the, uhh... the latest news... or, at least, the latest news I heard about. Maybe everyone else already knows... Complete The Reunions
Fort Strong The, uhh, Brotherhood continues to do... stuff... around the Commonwealth. They were last seen, uhh, attacking Fort Strong... The fort was, I mean, as far as I know, filled with, uhh... Super mutants. I guess maybe they're, uhh, going to take over? I guess... that's an improvement, right? Brotherhood instead of, y'know, mutants... ...That, uhh, that was a joke. Totally kidding, didn't really mean it... If the Brotherhood is listening I'm sure you're very nice, please don't kill me. Complete Show No Mercy
Liberty Prime The, uhh, the Brotherhood of Steel is in the news... again... Or at least, people are talking about them... The latest is... God, you're really not going to believe this... I swear it's true... There's a big, uhh, construction project... going on... that, uhh, appears to be a... well, a giant robot. Is this... uhh, maybe something we should, you know, be concerned about? I guess... Uhh, I guess all we can do is, uhh, wait... and, and see? Right? I'll... I'll just play some music, and hope it all turns out okay. Complete Liberty Reprimed
Railroad destroyed So, uhh... there's some news, and... Well, it's, uhh... it's pretty serious... I, uhh... well, heh, uhh... it's kind of, you know, hard to confirm this... because of the, uhh, groups involved, but... I mean, it seems... boy... It seems like perhaps the Brotherhood has, uhh, just... wiped out the, uhh, the Railroad. I, uhh... I don't really know what else to say. Complete Tactical Thinking
Institute destroyed Okay, so... uhh, here's some... some big news. Maybe, uhh... Maybe the biggest news since, uhh... Ever? The Institute... It's... well, it's gone! Blown up! Like, uhh, totally destroyed! You know the, uhh, the Brotherhood of Steel? And that giant... robot... thing they have? They went and smashed up the Institute with it!

And, like... so the Institute... it was underground the whole time? Man... I just... Who knew, right? I heard that... People were saying that, uhh, that the Vault Dweller was involved... So if that's true, then... uhh, I think we all owe her/him. Like, a lot. And now we can all sleep better. You know, because, uhh, we're not going to be kidnapped, or replaced with robots or anything. So I'd say it's a pretty great day for the Commonwealth.

Complete The Nuclear Option
Subject Transcript Requirements
Sanctuary Hills founded If you, uhh, get tired of... living in Diamond City, and you maybe want an... adventure or something... I guess you have a new option. The settlement of, uhh, Sanctuary has I guess been founded to the, uhh, the northwest. Good luck to them, with... you know, the whole surviving thing. Also it sounds like maybe the, uhh... the Minutemen were involved in this. I thought... well, I thought they were kind of done for... But I guess not, so... uhh... good for them. Complete Sanctuary.
The Castle retaken So, the, uhh... The Minutemen are out there... doing things... in the Commonwealth. What kind of things, you ask? Well... I will... I will tell you. I have heard that they, uhh... they have taken over "The Castle" which I guess was theirs a long time ago, but hasn't been for a while... It had been full of fish, or monsters... or monster fish, maybe? I don't know; I didn't really... hear... that part. But the Minutemen are there now, and that's good... for them... and I guess for everyone else, too. So, uhh... yeah. How about... How about some music? Complete Taking Independence
Prydwen shot down Hey, everyone... Uhh, some big fighting in the Commonwealth... recently... has, uhh, resulted in some.. things... But, uhh... it seems the Minutemen have... well, they kind of destroyed the Brotherhood of Steel. I guess they used artillery... or something... and shot down the, uhh, the airship that's been parked at Boston Airport. So... I guess, uhh, the Minutemen are really set on changing things... here in the Commonwealth. That's... that's a good thing, right? Complete Rockets' Red Glare
T.S. Wallace saved from kidnapping There are, uhh, some more reports of... uhh, of Institute activity in the Commonwealth. This time, from... uhh, from what I heard in the Dugout... the Institute was attempting to, uhh, kidnap someone from the, uhh, Commonwealth. It sounds like... well, I mean it sounds like they got away with it. I'm, uhh... I'm not really sure what that means for... For the rest of us, but it's probably not, you know... good. I guess... uhh... Just keep your eyes out. I mean, open. Maybe... maybe that'll help you, you know, stay safe. The good part, uhh, is that it sounds like... Well they didn't get away with it. I heard that the, uhh, Minutemen were there... or they showed up... and they kind of... saved the day, I guess. So... that was a lucky break. Maybe... maybe this means they won't try it again. On anyone else, I mean. Like, anyone in Diamond City. Complete Pinned by siding with the Minutemen
Institute destroyed Okay, so... uhh, here's some... some big news. Maybe, uhh... Maybe the biggest news since, uhh... Ever? The Institute... It's... well, it's gone! Blown up! Like, uhh, totally destroyed!

And, like... so the Institute... it was underground the whole time? Man... I just... Who knew, right? I heard that... People were saying that, uhh, that the Vault Dweller was involved... So if that's true, then... uhh, I think we all owe her/him. Like, a lot. And now we can all sleep better. You know, because, uhh, we're not going to be kidnapped, or replaced with robots or anything. So I'd say it's a pretty great day for the Commonwealth.

Complete The Nuclear Option
Subject Transcript Requirements
Libertalia wiped out Here's some, uhh, some news from around the Commonwealth. If you didn't... you know, hear it already from someone else. Some people, uhh... Some folks may know that, uhh... there are Raiders out at, uhh... Libertalia. Have been, for, uhh... a while now. Well, I guess, uhh... Someone went in there and, uhh, kind of tore the place up. And there are, uhh... rumors, just rumors... that it was the, uhh, Institute. Kind of, I don't know, weird, I guess? I don't know... I don't know why they'd do that, if, uhh... If it's even true. But... yeah. There you go. If there's any, uhh, developments... you'll hear about them here. Unless, you know, you hear them someplace else first. Complete Synth Retention
Railroad destruction So there's, uhh, there's talk around town... If it's true, it's... well, it definitely counts as news... But it's, uhh... It's kind of hard to confirm... whether this is, you know... true... There's talk, though, that the Institute has, uhh, killed off the Railroad. The leaders of the Railroad, I mean. That's, uhh... I mean, that's kind of scary if you ask me. I don't know if... uhh, should other people be worried? That they might be next? I'm just... I'll just play some more music, and pretend we're not in danger. Kill all five leaders of the Railroad for the Institute
Prydwen destruction (Institute) So, uhh, probably the biggest news in, well... ever? The Brotherhood of Steel has, uhh... well they were beaten pretty badly, and... it sounds pretty certain that the, uhh, Institute was responsible. The, uhh, Boston Airport is... well, the Brotherhood airship seems to have, uhh, crashed... right into it... So now, I guess... the Institute is kind of, well, I guess they're sort of in charge, since, uhh... there's no one who can really stop them. Okay? So in the uhh, the meantime... I'll just play some music. Complete Airship Down
Institute takeover Okay, so... uhh... I think we have things... uhh, back under control now... The, uhh, interruptions to the broadcast here have been... Well, they've been pretty frustrating... I guess the Institute really wants us to know what they're up to... Well, uhh, we got the message! You can stop any time now! I'm, uhh... I'm really sorry about this, and I'll... I will try, uhh, as best I can, to keep this from happening. Hope that message they sent was true, and that they'll, you know, mostly leave us alone. Complete the Institute questline by hijacking DCR
Subject Transcript Requirements
Railroad existence So, uhh, there are some rumors out there... in the Commonwealth... that I have heard... You know the one about the Railroad? A, uhh, a group that actually helps... helps synths who want to escape the Institute... Well, uhh... maybe it's not just a rumor. I mean, it is as far as I know, but, uhh... I mean they may actually be out there. It sounds kind of crazy, if you ask me... and if it were real, it'd be super dangerous, I bet. I think it's way safer to just, uhh, sit here and play... play music.
Railroad fighting the Brotherhood
  • So it sounds like the, uhh, the Railroad may really be out there, and uhh... they might be up to some things. There's talk of fighting... uhh, going on downtown... and it sounds like maybe it's between the, uhh, Institute and the Railroad. I don't know... who started it... or how it turned out, really... just the idea that, uhh, that those two groups are fighting, well... I thought that was kind of news. Maybe... Maybe I shouldn't have said anything. I'll just... I'll go back to playing music.
  • There's a, uhh... a new story from the, uhh, Cambridge area... It sounds like the, uhh, the Railroad... They may have attacked the Brotherhood of Steel... which seems weird to me. I thought they were mad at the, uhh, the Institute... but I don't really have all the details. Any. Any details, I mean. Anyway, if that's right... I bet the, uhh, Brotherhood won't be happy about it. I guess, uhh, I guess we'll see how it all turns out.
Complete Precipice of War
Prydwen destruction There's big news... Really, really big news... it's, uhh, about the Railroad. They, uhh, they haven't officially said that they did it, but... The Brotherhood airship has exploded and just sort of crashed into the airport. And it sounds like it may have been a, uhh... Some sort of sneak attack by the Railroad. This is kind of a huge, uhh, surprise... Although I guess probably no one was as surprised as the Brotherhood, huh? But the, uhh... The Railroad pretty clearly means business. I'll... I'll let you know if I hear anything else. Complete Rockets' Red Glare
Institute destroyed Okay, so... uhh, here's some... some big news. Maybe, uhh... Maybe the biggest news since, uhh... Ever? The Institute... It's... well, it's gone! Blown up! Like, uhh, totally destroyed! I can't find... I mean, I don't know exactly what happened, and it's not just because no one tells me anything, but... Rumor is that the Railroad had something to, uhh, to do with it. Like, they got in there and... you know, blew it up.

And, like... so the Institute... it was underground the whole time? Man... I just... Who knew, right? I heard that... People were saying that, uhh, that the Vault Dweller was involved... So if that's true, then... uhh, I think we all owe her/him. Like, a lot. And now we can all sleep better. You know, because, uhh, we're not going to be kidnapped, or replaced with robots or anything. So I'd say it's a pretty great day for the Commonwealth.

Complete The Nuclear Option


Title Intro Outro
Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall
  • Here's... uhh, it's Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall.
  • Next I was going to play... uhh, Ella Fitzgerald, I guess.
  • I hope you like this one. The song, I mean. It's... It's Ella Fitzgerald.
  • Into Each Life, uhh... Rain Must Fall, I think. That was Ella Fitzgerald.
  • I just broke what I was going to play, so... uhh, I guess I'll play Danny Kaye instead.
  • This here is Danny Kaye.
  • Let's find out... what Danny Kaye knows about Civilization... I mean, or something.
  • Would you like some Danny Kaye? I sure thought so.
  • This is Civilization, by... uhh.... it's by, Danny Kaye. Right.
  • Danny Kaye there, singing... uhh, that was Civilization.
  • Up next... well, it's Ella Fitzgerald.
  • Now I'll play Ella Fitzgerald. Enjoy.
  • Ella Fitzgerald has a happy song about being mad, I think. I don't... I'm not sure I get it.
  • Next is Ella Fitzgerald, who doesn't like when people can't decide things. And then sings about it.
  • Undecided, by Ella Fitzgerald. I know the feeling.
I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire
  • Here's the... Uhh, it's the Ink Spots.
  • This is the... the Ink Spots, with... I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire.
  • Next is I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire, by the... uhh, the Ink Spots.
  • If anyone is... is listening, this is the Ink Spots.
  • The Ink Spots. That was them, I mean. Singing I Don't Want to Set the World On Fire.
  • This next one... it's, uhh, it's Maybe by the Ink Spots.
  • Here's... uhh, Here's the Ink Spots, singing Maybe.
  • Up next, I thought... well, I thought I'd play the Ink Spots, with Maybe.
  • Here's, uhh... the Ink Spots. Maybe. I mean, the song is called Maybe.
  • I.... I, uhh, hope you liked that one. That was Maybe, by the Ink Spots.
It's All Over But The Crying
  • Here's the Ink Spots... again... With, uhh, "It's All Over But The Crying."
  • Now let's enjoy another one from... uhh, it's The Ink Spots.
  • Hey, how about a song... uhh, by the Ink Spots? This one is, umm, it's called "It's All Over But The Crying.\
  • That was the Ink Spots, with "It's All Over but the Crying"... because that part never... well, it never really stops...
Butcher Pete
  • This next one... it's, uhh, it's Roy Brown. The song is... Butcher Pete.
  • I, uhh... I hope you like this song. It's Butcher Pete, by Roy Brown.
  • Here's Butcher Pete, by... uhh, Roy Brown.
  • How about, uhh... some Roy Brown? This is... this is Butcher Pete.
  • That was Butcher Pete, by Roy Brown. Not, uhh, not the other way around. Heh.
Mighty Mighty Man
  • Next is some Roy Brown. This one is, uhh, Mighty Mighty Man.
  • This next song is Mighty Mighty Man.
  • Here's Roy Brown.... and he's singing, uhh, Mighty Mighty Man.
  • Now we'll hear some Roy Brown. I mean, I'll play... it's, uhh... Mighty Mighty Man.
  • Roy Brown there, singing Mighty Mighty Man.
Butcher Pete Part 2
  • Roy Brown is back, and so is Butcher Pete. Pretty... Uhh, pretty crazy stuff, right?
  • There's more of Butcher Pete... and, uhh... well, here it is.
  • Roy Brown did... Well, he did two songs about Butcher Pete. Here's the second one.
  • Oh, that Butcher Pete. Just... well, just doing butcher sort of things, I guess... uhh... That was Roy Brown.
Way Back Home
  • Here we go... Some Bob Crosby. I... well, I really like this one.
  • This one is called Way Back Home.
  • Here's... uhh... Oh. Here's Bob Crosby with Way Back Home.
  • Next is Bob Crosby, singing Way Back Home.
  • Now let's, uhh... Let's hear a really good song by Bob Crosby.
  • Bob Crosby this time. Not Bing. In case... well, in case you got confused. I sometimes do.
  • Bob Crosby there. A... uhh, a good one, huh?
  • ....oh. Uhhh, that was Bob Crosby.
Anything Goes
  • Next is some Cole Porter.
  • Now here's... uhh, Anything Goes. By Cole Porter.
  • This here is... well, it's Cole Porter, I guess.
  • Next I'm going to play some Cole Porter. The song... it's, uhh, it's called Anything Goes.
  • That was Anything Goes, by... by Cole Porter.
Easy Living
  • Umm... Here's Billie Holiday with Easy Living.
  • This next song is called Easy Living.
  • This is a song about Easy Living. Just... like here in Diamond City, right?
  • Here's... uhh, Billie Holiday. And, and she's... she's singing Easy Living.
  • Billie Holiday, folks.
  • So, that... That, uhh, was Billie Holiday there.
  • You just heard, uhh, Billie Holiday.
Happy Times
  • Hey, how about some Bob Crosby.
  • This next one is, uhh... it's Bob Crosby.
  • Here's Happy Times, by... uhh, Bob Crosby.
Crazy He Calls Me
  • Next up is... uhh, some Billie Holiday.
  • Now I'll... well, I guess I'll play some Billie Holiday.
  • So this is, uhh, Billie Holiday... singing Crazy He Calls Me...
  • This... uhh, this is Billie Holiday... I think. Yeah.
Sixty Minute Man
  • So, uhh... how about Billy Ward and the Dominoes. This one... heh, uhh... I mean, it's... well... I'll just, I'll just play it.
  • This next song, it's... well, I mean... it's "Sixty Minute Man" and uhh... oh boy. I just... okay, never mind.
  • Here's "Sixty Minute Man," and, uhh... I mean, let's be honest here, it's... well, you know... just... here it is.
  • Billy Ward... a-and the Dominoes. Not just Billy, they were there too.
He's A Demon
  • Betty Hutton sounds like she sure is mad about... some guy. Here's her song.
  • Here's some Betty Hutton, if you were waiting to hear it. I mean, either way, I guess. Here it is.
  • Next we've got Betty Hutton. She's... well, she's pretty good. Right?
  • Betty Hutton is on now, singing about a man. Right? That's what this one is, I think.
  • Gotta love Betty Hutton, right?.... right?
  • Another, uhh, good one, from... uhh, Betty Hutton.
Accentuate the Positive
  • Here comes Bing Crosby, saying we should "Accentuate the Positive." I guess that was easy if you were Bing Crosby.
  • Now it's Bing Crosby, everyone. Yay.
  • Such a positive guy, that Bing Crosby.
Pistol Packin' Mama
  • Are you a "Pistol Packin' Mama?" If you are, this song is about you...
  • This next one is Bing Crosby. Enjoy.
  • That was, uhh, Bing Crosby. Yep.
Dear Hearts and Gentle People
  • Do you think... I mean, do you think Bob and Bing Crosby ever got into fights over who was better? Weird, right? Anyway, this is Bob Crosby.
  • Here's "Dear Hearts and Gentle People," which I kind of think maybe Bob Crosby was... well, exaggerating, at least. I'm not accusing him of anything, though. Just saying.
One More Tomorrow
  • Frankie Carle wrote a song about tomorrow... or, at least, uhh... I guess, his version of tomorrow, which is pretty different from mine...
  • Next is, uhh... "One More Tomorrow" by Frankie Carle. It's... well, it's nice... A little sappy, I guess... but I mean, that's okay.
  • Here's Frankie Carle with a song that, frankly, sounds a little too good to be true. I'm not saying he was embellishing, but... well, okay, I guess I am saying that. Never mind. Here's "One More Tomorrow."
  • And that was Frankie Carle, there. Well, I mean I guess it was actually Marjorie Hughes doing the singing, but... uhh, never mind.
  • This next one is from Johnny Mercer, singing about Personality. I mean, I guess that's important... to some people...
  • Ummm... how about Johnny Mercer? I kind of wonder if this one is supposed to be a joke. Does anyone know?
  • Johnny Mercer is up next. I don't... I mean, I don't think this song is all that great, really, but some people like it.
  • That was Personality, by Johnny Mercer.
Keep A-Knockin'
  • Louis Jordan is up next. This is one I can relate to, sort of... Because I don't like talking to people that much.
  • Keep A-Knockin'" by Louis Jordan is next. I like this one. It's short, and it's about telling people to go away.
  • Hey, you like Louis Jordan, right? Here's a classic from him.
  • Who doesn't love some Louis Jordan, right?
Rocket 69
  • Now here's Connie Allen with a song that's... well, uhhh... It's about... uhh, heh. Heh heh. Uhh... here's "Rocket 69.
  • So, this next one... I mean, you make a song called "Rocket 69" and... I just... I don't even... I can't. I just can't.
  • Rocket 69" is next... and, I mean... you don't hear them singing about the other 68 rockets... which kinda makes you think...
  • Connie Allen there, with, uhh... heh, uhh... Rocket 69.
Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On
  • When someone named 'Big Maybelle' says there's a Whole Lotta Shakin' Going on.... well, you can probably believe... I mean, it's fair to say that's accurate. Probably.
  • Here's Big Maybelle, with "Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On." I... I mean, I don't know what else there is to say. Kind of... speaks for itself, I think.
  • What time is it? Why, it's time for a "Whole Lotta Shakin'"... because... well, because that's the name of the next song... at least, partially... anyway, here it is.
  • Whole Lotta Shakin'.... whooooole lot of it. Yep. That was, uhh, Big Maybelle.
Uranium Fever
  • "Uranium Fever" is on next, and... Well, I'm pretty sure enough time has gone by that we can all find the humor in this subject. Right?...
  • Elton Britt is next, with a song that... Well, frankly it sounds very irresponsible, for several reasons. Here's "Uranium Fever.
  • That was, uhh, Uranium Fever by... oh man, uhh... by Elton Britt! Yes. Right.
Grandma Plays the Numbers
  • Wynonie Harris had a grandma that gambled, I guess, and so he... wrote a... a song about it. Here it is.
  • Do you... Do you know someone who gambles? Then maybe this will make you laugh. Or... I guess it might make you really unhappy.
  • If you found out a, uhh, family member was suffering from an addiction, you might... I don't know... have an intervention? Or, I guess... you could write a song about it...
  • That was, uhh... Wynonie Harris.
Good Rocking Tonight
  • I know you just can't get enough of that Roy Brown... I mean, boy I hope that's the case because I've kind of got a lot of his stuff. Here he is.
  • Here's Roy Brown... again... He's not chopping, or being mighty... well, I mean maybe he is but that's not the focus of this one. Not exactly. I don't think.
  • Roy Brown is back with "Good Rockin' Tonight". I guess... I mean, you wouldn't bother singing about it if the Rockin' wasn't all that great. Like, average Rockin', or sub-par Rockin'...
  • Here's a... well, it's a fun one. Feel free to, uhh, rock out... or whatever it is people do...
  • Roy Brown. Again. Plenty of his records survived... somehow...
Worry Worry Worry
  • Worry, Worry, Worry." That's... uhh, I mean that's the song by the Three Suns. And I was going to play it. Next. Now, I mean.
  • Now... uhh... what now... Okay, well, uhh, let's play "Worry, Worry, Worry" by the Three Suns.
  • So, umm... Right, okay. Let's just, let's do a song by the Three Suns.
  • That song was... it was... uhh... well, it was by Three Suns, and... uhh... oh, never mind.
Right Behind You, Baby
  • Here's Ray Smith, with "Right Behind You, Baby"... a song that really sounds different when you hear it at 2 in the morning, y'know?...
  • Ray Smith is "Right Behind You, Baby"... I mean, it's his song. He's not actually behind you. I didn't... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle anyone.
  • "Right Behind You, Baby" is next... It's a really upbeat song, but... I don't know, I, uhh, feel like maybe Ray Smith was a little... creepy?
  • Ray Smith, everybody... Ray... Smith...
Crawl Out Through the Fallout
  • Here's Sheldon Allman, with "Crawl Out Through the Fallout"... probably some bad advice overall, really.
  • Sheldon Allman wants his girl to "Crawl Out Through the Fallout," but... I mean, if it was that important, wouldn't he have been with her in the first place? Maybe... I guess I'm over-thinking it.
  • Up next, "Crawl Out Through the Fallout." That's the name of the song, I'm not... I'm not recommending it as a course of action.
  • You just heard "Crawl Out Through the Fallout."
Atom Bomb Baby
  • Here's the Five Stars, with "Atom Bomb Baby," a song I'm sure that... I mean, they meant well... Just maybe not the best comparison.
  • The Five Stars are up next, singing about a lady... I guess maybe one of them liked her? I mean, it couldn't have been all of them, that would... well that would just be weird...
  • "Atom Bomb Baby" is next. It's, uhhh, it's by the Five Stars. In case you were wondering... and didn't already know because I've played it before.
  • That was the Five Stars. All... all Five of them. Get it? Because it's... well, it's funny... sort of... okay not really.
Uranium Rock
  • Warren Smith has a song about digging for Uranium, which is, I guess... a thing people did back then? For fun? I... I don't get it.
  • Here's "Uranium Rock," a song about people getting rich by finding uranium. That, uhh... That worked out real well for all of us, didn't it?... I'm joking, just joking...
  • I kind of feel like the last thing I'd want to do is, you know... uhh, go looking for radioactive material... but not Warren Smith! Here's "Uranium Rock".
  • Hope you, uhh, enjoyed that song by... Warren Smith.
Orange Colored Sky
  • Uhh, what about some Nat King Cole? He's good, right?
  • Orange Colored Sky," by Nat King Cole. You love this one, right? It's a... A real classic. Sure.
  • Here's a real classic from good old Nat King Cole... "Orange Colored Sky." It's... It's a good one!
  • Nat King Cole there. He's just the best, isn't he?
End of the World
  • This one is from, uhh... Skeeter Davis. It's the "End of the World."
  • Was I, uhh, the only one surprised that Skeeter Davis is, you know... a woman? Just... uhh, didn't really sound like a woman's name...
  • Here's "End of the World" by Skeeter Davis. It's... well, I think it's maybe a little melodramatic... but that's just me...
  • Skeeter Davis. A name I still find confusing.
Baby It's Just You
  • This is, uhh... "Baby It's Just You" by Magnolia. You know, from uhh... from Goodneighbor.
  • This song is "Good Neighbor" by, uhh, by Magnolia... who is, uhh, from... well, Goodneighbor.
  • So, uhh, Magnolia... you know, from Goodneighbor... she was, uhh, nice enough to let us play some of her... uhh, her songs. So, here we go.
  • Hope you enjoyed that last song.
Train Train
  • Here's... well, it's something a little different... Here's Goodneighbor's own Magnolia...
  • Here's Goodneighbor's Magnolia singing "Train Train" and, uhh... well, choo choo!... oh god, I'm so sorry... it sounded like a good idea in my head...
  • You know what... I'm just going to, uhh... I'll just play some music.
  • Hope you enjoyed that last song.
A Wonderful Guy
  • That was Tex... Tex Beneke.
  • Tex Beneke, folks.


Type Transcript
  • So this radio station... we don't really make any caps... and, uhh, there are... well some people help me stay on the air. People like, uhh, like this:
  • Here's a thing... a sort of note, I guess... from a sponsor here in Diamond City, and I'll... well, I'll just read it.
  • And now, uhh... a word... or several... from our sponsors.
  • The Colonial Taphouse wants to remind everyone that you are not welcome there. Upper Stands residents only.
  • Why drink dirty, radioactive water when you could have it pure and bottled? Sheng Kawolski's Clean Water Market. Straight from the filter.
  • Power Noodles: Our chef only says one sentence, but that's okay because he only serves one thing.
  • Stop in for a drink at the Dugout Inn. The stories are free, but the moonshine will cost you. Ask for Vadim Bobrov.
  • Choice Chops wants you to know we have meat. Just meat. Stop asking if we have anything else.
  • John and Cathy's Super Salon invites you to try out the latest innovations in hairstyles. Look good. Make people jealous.
  • Fallon's Basement. Providing top-of-the-line fashion to Diamond City for over ten generations.
  • Swatters: Own a piece of Diamond City history, and then beat people to death with it.
  • Diamond City Surplus. Now open twenty-four hours a day. Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Especially Synths.
  • Feeling tired? Need a pick-me-up? Visit Chem-I-Care and get a prescription today. A balanced life... through chemistry.
  • Commonwealth Weaponry. It's a dangerous world out there. Protect yourself; protect your family.

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Diamond City Radio appears only in Fallout 4.


Diamond City Radio Songs - From Fallout 4 Game Files