DiMA's memory no. 5

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DiMA's Memory #5
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QuestsBest Left Forgotten
Base IDxx01e712

DiMA's memory #5 is a holodisk in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.




System Voice: Memory file identification: 0Y-8K7D. Converted to audio transcription. Beginning playback.

DiMA: I've discovered a curious record inside the prewar data files of this submarine base. The marines here were equipped with an advanced model of combat armor. There are several suits already in the base, in various states of deterioration. But there were more shipments of the armor on its way to the base, the day the bombs fell. They could be in prime condition if the sealants have held. I have no use for them, but you never know. Maybe they'll be worth digging up one day...

System Voice: Additional data appended. "Armor Shipments Tracking Information." Coordinates downloaded.

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