DiMA's memory no. 4

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DiMA's Memory #4
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QuestsBest Left Forgotten
Base IDxx01e711

DiMA's memory #1 is a holodisk in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.




System Voice: Memory file identification: 0Z-7A4K. Converted to audio transcription. Beginning playback.

Nick Valentine: Get away from me! What the hell are you?

DiMA: It's me! We escaped the Institute together. You're my brother!

Nick Valentine: I don't have a brother! The name's Nick Valentine, and no one in my family tree is a plastic-skinned freak!

DiMA: You're just confused, let me help...

Nick Valentine: *sounds of struggling* Stay away from me!

DiMA: *sounds of punching, fist fighting* I don't want to hurt you! *more sounds of punching, then someone falling, then sounds of pummeling* *heavy breathing* Goodbye... Brother...

System Voice: End playback.