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DiMA's Memory #3
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QuestsBest Left Forgotten
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DiMA's memory #3 is a holodisk in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.




System Voice: Memory file identification: 0H-3X0P. Converted to audio transcription. Beginning playback.

DiMA: I've made a contingency plan in case Far Harbor discovers the truth, or gives in to their xenophobia despite all my efforts. I've isolated the wind turbine powering Far Harbor's Fog Condensers. A kill switch command will leave them defenseless from the Fog and its creatures. But now that's it done, am I really capable of this? This... massacre, that I've engineered... I'm going to remove the command code from my memories. I'll bury a hardcopy if I need to use it, but I can't keep it close to me. It makes me sick...

System Voice: Additional location data appended. Coordinates to the Kill Switch Command Code and the Wind Farm Maintenance Building.

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