DiMA's memory no. 2

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DiMA's Memory #2
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QuestsBest Left Forgotten
Base IDxx01e3fc

DiMA's memory #2 is a holodisk in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.




System Voice: Memory file identification: 0J-2NN8. Converted to audio transcription. Beginning playback.

DiMA: I'm offloading this memory. I cannot bear lying to Confessor Martin and his Children of Atom any longer. Better to just forget. I found it. The location of the launch key to fire the nuclear missile inside the submarine. Confessor Martin believes it can bring his people into Division. Destruction at the hands of an atomic blast. He struggles with how literal his interpretation of that precept should be. I can't risk him deciding to find the key and use it. His people were the first to... accept me for what I am. The thought of them being gone fills me with nothing but pain.

System Voice: Additional data appended. Location: The Harbor Grand Hotel Safe Room. Keycode: 485130.

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