DiMA's memory no. 1

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DiMA's Memory #1
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QuestsBest Left Forgotten
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DiMA's memory #1 is a holodisk in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.




System Voice: Memory file identification: 0V-9AX0. Converted to audio transcription. Beginning playback.

DiMA: Things are not going well with Far Harbor. Several of my people have been assaulted, spat at, interrogated for no reason. This is getting out of control, but there's still a chance they can learn to trust us. We just need one of their own who's on our side. I can't let anyone know what I'm about to do. I'll need to set up the equipment far away from Acadia. It'll double as a place to bury the evidence.

System Voice: Additional location data appended. A make-shift medical facility underneath the Vim! Pop Factory. Coordinates downloaded.

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