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Fo4FH DiMA.png
Biography and appearance
RaceSynth, 2nd Gen prototype
Eye ColorGreenish Yellow
RoleLeader of Acadia
LocationAcadia Observatory Dome
Dialogue FileDiMA's dialogue
QuestsAcadian Ideals
Best Left Forgotten
The Way Life Should Be
Where You Belong
assistanceHelps allies
Tag SkillsCourserClass
Editor RaceDLC03_SynthGen2RaceDiMa
Editor IDDLC03DiMA
Base IDxx004639Ref IDxx005425
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DiMA is an escaped prototype[1] synth developed by the Institute who now leads the Acadia synth refuge on Mount Desert Island in 2287.


DiMA is an experimental second generation synth prototype, a "brother" to Nick Valentine. The two were the first synths capable of independent thinking and judgment. One of the Institute's experiments had to do with how synthetic brains could process personality, and so they adapted two synths for their experimentation. DiMA was allowed to develop his based on experience, while Nick was an attempt to copy a personality matrix into a synth brain - the original Nick Valentine's.[2] The two underwent the same kind of lengthy experimentation, every day for months, strapped down to a workshop table. Immobile and operated on as the Institute rooted around in his artificial brain. Eventually, though, he managed to orchestrate an escape, taking Nick with him. The failsafes stripped their memories of the Institute, but the two were finally free.[3] Unfortunately, Nick did not recognize his brother and attacked him on the spot, still thinking he was the pre-War Nick Valentine. Beaten and damaged, DiMA was abandoned... But survived.[4]

It was around 2178 that DiMA landed at Far Harbor, trying to find a safe haven for synths. His first choice of location was a pre-War submarine pen, still housing the derelict USS Democracy. DiMA used the base's computers to expand his limited storage capacity, offloading the oldest memories into the pen's data banks as he labored to make a better place.[5] In mid-23rd century he was found by Faraday, an escaped third generation synth. The two became inseparable, despite DiMA's stubborness, as Faraday's technical acumen was essential to keeping the prototype synth online.[6]

Eventually, he handed the base off to the Children of Atom, cast out of Far Harbor for their belief, and moved to found a safe haven at Acadia.[7] As the synth refuge grew, he realized he needed a lifeline to the outside world. The candidate? Far Harbor. In return for their cooperation, Acadia would supply the town with fog condensers to keep the radioactive fog at bay.[8] Unfortunately, following initial forays, it turned out that Far Harbor was hostile to synths. In response to attacks and harrassment, DiMA formulated a plan to pacify the town's residents. Captain Avery was kidnapped, murdered, and replaced with a synth agent, unaware of her identity, who slowly but surely nudged the town towards tolerance.[9] In the event the town discovered the truth, he also prepared a killswitch that would shut down the wind turbine and cut power to the fog condensers, allowing the Island to consume Far Harbor. As with other unpleasant memories, he forced himself to forget about it.[10]

DiMA continued to be friends with Confessor Martin of the Children, headquartered at the old submarine pen, now named the Nucleus. One of his most notable actions, to ensure the survival of the Children, was to seal away the nuclear missile launch keys. Primarily out of sentiment: The Children were the first to accept him for who he was with no reservations.[11] Unfortunately, when Martin passed, the friendly relations between the synths and the zealots deteriorated due to the election of the new High Confessor: Tektus, who was a megalomaniac fanatic bound on implementing a final solution for Far Harbor.[12]

DiMA has been working on a solution ever since, together with his synth followers: Faraday and Chase. Faraday's upgrades helped him rectify the problems with memory and overcome the limitations of his original design. The selfless synth has no recollection of his sins, as they are all under lock and key inside the Nucleus...[13]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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Other interactions

  • At the end of Far Harbor, you must either choose to kill him, nuke the Children of Atom, or flood Far Harbor with radioactive water, killing everyone. Alternatively you can side with DiMA, by replacing the High Confessor with a synth agent. In this way, peace is negotiated between Far Harbor and the Children of Atom.


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Drops on death


DiMA appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


  1. Far Harbor loading screen hints: "Because DiMA is a prototype synth, his memories have more in common with advanced computer data than organic-based thoughts."
  2. We were prototypes, Nick. The first synths capable of independent thinking and judgment. One of the Institute's experiments had to do with how our brains could process personality. If we could handle individualized feelings and behaviors. I was allowed to develop mine based on experience. But with you, they wanted to try transferring an entire personality into you. It took several attempts before the personality imprint worked. I saw you wake up not knowing who or what you were so many times... I couldn't let them do it to you anymore. We were the only two prototypes they made. I literally saw myself in you..."
  3. The Sole Survivor: "I'm not going to tell my life story to someone I barely know. Let's hear your answer first."
    DiMA: "I was in a laboratory. In the Institute. They were pulling pieces of my head out. Something about wanting to test some neural process... That was every day for months. Strapped down. Unable to move. Operated on. And then... I was out. The Institute has failsafes to strip memories that could identify where they are, how to find them, but I do remember being quite... content. I was free. That is my earliest memory. Now... yours?"
    (DiMA's dialogue)
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  5. The Sole Survivor: "You left your memories behind? How does that work?"
    DiMA: "As a prototype synth, my... raw data capacity is limited. I began using computer banks to expand. To give me room to ponder. See new things. I had to leave some of my earliest memories behind when I left the sub base to the Children of Atom. I thought they were safe."
    (DiMA's dialogue)
  6. The Sole Survivor: ""
    Faraday: "Me? I don't know why you'd care... I escaped the Institute, just like others here. Never had my mind wiped, thankfully. I like to think I came along right when DiMA needed me. I found him before all this, before Acadia. He needed my help, though he refused to admit it. He's always been stubborn like that. Anyway, I've been by his side ever since, making sure he has everything he needs."
    (Faraday's dialogue)
  7. The Sole Survivor: "The Children of Atom on this island. You were helping them?"
    DiMA: "Yes. I know their faith in radiation as a type of god is a bit... different, but who am I to judge? I was using a submarine base as a home when Martin and his followers stumbled inside. They had been cast out of Far Harbor for their beliefs. When I left to found Acadia, I knew the base would be in safe hands. They needed a home. A place to belong, just like I did. But now Martin is gone, and his successor, Tektus, wants to finally end the feud with Far Harbor, by letting the Fog swallow them."
    (DiMA's dialogue)
  8. The Sole Survivor: "You're keeping Far Harbor safe, is that it?"
    DiMA: "Not exactly. They're fiercely independent, but the Fog was starting to choke more and more of the island, so I proposed a trade. We would give them the technology to keep the Fog at bay, in return for them being a lifeline to the outside world. A safe dock and a place to buy supplies. Unfortunately, the Children of Atom view the radioactive fog as a holy portent, and their bloodied history with Far Harbor puts us at odds."
    (DiMA's dialogue)
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  13. Faraday: "Well, that's certainly an understatement. Between the two of us, we've made so many modifications... He was just a prototype, never built for all this. It took a lot to overcome the limitations of the original design and expand his memory. It really is remarkable, isn't it? He's overcome so much... he's become so much more than he once was. And all he thinks of is others."