Devil's Backbone

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Devil's Backbone
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Part ofSavage Divide

Devil's Backbone is a location in Fallout 76.


A natural landmark formed out of Tuscarora Sandstone endemic to West Virginia, the backbone sits just off Route 107, east of Huntersville, and was a popular hiking destination.

Points Of Interest

  • The formation is a landmark and an orientation point, with limited loot at the derelict camping spots below the flagpole, along the peak, and in the military graves near the pond by the bridge.

Notable Loot

Holotapes and Notes
  • Notice of Expulsion: The note is in the back of the vehicle next to the red Zip car.
  • Trappers' Warning: The holotape can be found at the abandoned raider campsite northeast of this location, on top of a wooden crate under one of the makeshift awnings.
  • Trappers Note: The note is nailed to a wooden board at the abandoned raider campsite northeast of this location.
Plans and Recipes
  • A recipe can be found on a wooden barrel at the abandoned raider camp northeast of this location.
Dynamic spawns


Devil's Backbone appears in Fallout 76.