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For the United States Department of Energy, see United States Department of Energy on Wikipedia.
Mentioned-only faction
Department of Energy
US Department of Energy seal.png
Notable MembersAmelia Reynolds
Donald Clark (Formerly)
Dr. Phillip Cotton
Mitchel Hibbs
Wesley Wiskowski (Formerly)
Notable LocationsBlackwater Mine
Emmett Mountain Disposal Site
Federal Disposal Field HZ-21
Relations and associations
ParentUnited States of America
Child EntitiesNational Energy Technology Laboratory

United States Department of Energy was a pre-War department of the United States. The Department of Energy was a cabinet-level department and held the utmost power regarding policies of safe handling of nuclear waste and other material. Responsibilities included the nation's nuclear weapons program, energy conservation, energy-related research, radioactive waste disposal, domestic energy production, and mining of radioactive resources.


Prior the Great War, the Department of Energy was given a ZAX by Vault-Tec. It was used by the DOE to collect resource data until it was commandeered by the United States Military for research into New Plague and tactical development.[1]

As mentioned before, one of the responsibilities for the DOE was nuclear waste disposal. All across America are disposal sites managed by the DOE to ensure the proper disposal of that nuclear waste, such as Federal Disposal Field HZ-21. However, not all disposal sites are as they appear. One such site is the Emmett Mountain Disposal Site. On paper, this site is just like all the others (with some severe cost reduction in terms of construction material), but was a joint cover-up between both the DOE and West Tek for disposing of failed FEV subjects from the West Tek Research Center experiments on the residents of Huntersville. The hope of this cover-up was two-fold, however, to both conceal the evidence of any human experimentation and the other was to monitor the side effects of FEV infected corpses on a controlled sample size.[2]

The Department of Energy is also responsible for the mining of Uranium ore at federal mines like the Blackwater Mine. Spearheaded by Dr. Phillip Cotton of the National Energy Technology Laboratory, Blackwater Mine was also a test case for the automation of mining. Staff of 50 men, plus the foreman Mitchell Hibbs, were hired to mine the uranium while robots would be slowly introduced into the process. Layoffs would precede the introduction of the robots until no staff would remain, but the Foreman and miners were positive that the robots were only there to make mining easier. The experiment in automation was a resounding success for Cotton and the DOE. Automation outpaced the yield that the previous miners could accomplish and all remaining human workers were replaced with automated robots, including the foreman.[3]


  • The function of the Department of the Energy is exactly the same as in reality, however with minor changes such as a slightly different seal.


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