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For the leader of the Underground in the Hub, see Decker.
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Biography and appearance
AffiliationEastern Brotherhood of Steel
RoleCommanding officer
LocationBunker Gamma
Bunker Delta
Bunker Epsilon
Dialogue FileBunker 03.txt
Bunker 04.txt
Bunker 05.txt
MIS 09 Speech.txt
MIS 10 Speech.txt
MIS 11 Speech.txt
MIS 12 Speech.txt
MIS 15 Speech.txt
MIS 16 Speech.txt
MIS 17 Speech.txt
MIS 19 Speech.txt
MIS 21 Speech.txt
MIS 22 Speech.txt
MIS 23 Speech.txt
MIS 24 Speech.txt
MIS 25 Speech.txt
SPECIALStrength: 8
Perception: 5
Endurance: 6
Charisma: 4
Intelligence: 6
Agility: 7
Luck: 4
Derived StatsArmor Class: 7
Hit Points: 149
Action Points: 10
Critical chance: 4%
Damage Resistance: 0%
Melee Damage: 3
Tag SkillsBig Guns: 202%
Energy Weapons: 36%
Unarmed: 168%
ActorKurtwood Smith
Mini-FOT Logo.pngThe following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

This is war, brother, and war is hell. But take heart - while they will die a delerious, vomiting death, they will do so to help restore civilization from the ashes. Not everyone in the Wasteland would be so lucky.

— Dekker on the prisoners transporting the warhead recovered in Kansas City

General Dekker is the military leader of the Eastern Brotherhood of Steel , succeeding General Simon Barnaky at his post after the General was captured by Gammorin's Army at St. Louis in 2198.


Brought in as a replacement commander when General Barnaky personally led Brotherhood squads into combat at St. Louis, the scarred Dekker unexpectedly found himself leading the Brotherhood when his superior was captured by the supermutants.[1] Unlike his predecessor, Dekker has a firm, no-nonsense approach to leading the Brotherhood and is free from racial prejudice. He focuses on the task at hand and expects the men and women under his command to carry out their tasks with professionalism and efficiency, no matter their shape or color.[2] However, he is just as devoted to the Brotherhood as Barnaky, whom he considers an inspiration. He considers the Brotherhood's cause righteous,[3] and any steps that further this agenda are warranted. Even if they include dooming prisoners of war to die of radiation poisoning after transporting a nuclear weapon.[4] Similarly, he believes drastic punishments are necessary for those who violate Brotherhood laws, to scare others into obeying them.[5] Yet Dekker also has a softer side, having formed a close relationship with Paladin Klotz of Urban squad.[6]

General Dekker ends up leading the Brotherhood to victory over the supermutants, Reavers, and the Calculator, despite the devastating losses taken in the war against the mutants and their robotic allies. However, when the Calculator's forces attack Bunker Epsilon directly, Dekker ends up leading the defence against an overwhelming robotic force, making his fate uncertain.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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Dekker replaces General Simon Barnaky as the commanding officer of the player's squad and narrates all briefing and debriefing sessions from that point onward.


Icon armored vault suit.png
Power armor
Assault carbine icon.png
Avenger minigun
120x 5.56mm round
Rusty old monkey wrench
Icon briefcase.png
Carried items
Icon male severed head.png
Drops on death


Dekker appears only in Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel.


  1. Bunker 04.txt: "// Name: General Dekker.
    // Role: General of the Brotherhood, replacement Commander to the player.
    // Background: General Dekker is brought in as a replacement Commander when
    // General Barnaky is forced to engage in combat directly with the enemy."
  2. All Dekker briefings are to-the-point and free of any side notes or remarks.
  3. MIS 23 Speech.txt: "General Barnaky's death is a great blow to the morale of the Brotherhood. He served our righteous cause ever since he was old enough to carry a weapon. His diligence and determination has helped form the Brotherhood into what it is today. He might have been a little untrusting of non-humans, but his heart was always looking out after his fellow man and we will mourn his passing."
  4. MIS 11 Speech.txt: "The bomb is on its way with captured Beastlords and raiders hauling the radioactive nuke to an underground, lead shielded bunker - under armed supervision of course. Unfortunately, with both Rad-X and Rad-Away supplies used only for high priority missions, the prisoners will have to manage as best they can.
    This is war, brother, and war is hell. But take heart - while they will die a delerious, vomiting death, they will do so to help restore civilization from the ashes. Not everyone in the Wasteland would be so lucky."
  5. MIS 17 Speech.txt: "The scoundrels' bodies will be displayed in proper crucifixion outside the town of Quincy, along with the guards that were on watch. Our Inquisitors have also rounded up known friends and family of the criminals to an internment camp. If they have information about any weak links in our security, we will find out. If they don't, they will be placed in a labour camp to prevent the spread of rumors and ensure proper security.\n\n
    It is time these people take some personal accountability for their actions."
  6. MIS 17 Speech.txt: "We are having a vigil tonight at 2200 for Paladin Klotz. She was the head of Urban Squad, which monitors and confronts raider activity in the region. Her relentless pursuit of Brotherhood ideals will be one of her many traits that will be missed. I, however, will miss her company on a more personal level. (*sob*)"