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For real world information about the Defense Intelligence Agency, see Defense Intelligence Agency on Wikipedia.
Mentioned-only faction
Defense Intelligence Agency
FoundedRobert McNamara
Notable Members
Named members
HeadquartersWashington, D.C.
Notable LocationsNaval recruiting center
Relations and associations
ParentUnited States of America
Federal government, Executive branch
Related EntitiesUnited States Armed Forces
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The Defense Intelligence Agency (commonly abbreviated DIA) was a pre-War government agency of the United States of America.


Founded on October 1st, 1961, the DIA was an external intelligence service specializing in defense and military intelligence. Monitoring foreign powers and non-state actors, the ostensibly military agency has evolved to be one of the most powerful agencies of the Department of Defense, operating secret facilities across the United States, especially in high tech locales like Boston.[1]


As an intelligence agency, DIA's activities were classified. More than that, many DIA facilities were black sites, never officially existing,[2] with numerous field caches hidden across the continental United States to aid field operatives.[3] The secrecy allowed the Agency to maintain an extensive intelligence network abroad and on the domestic front, comprising human intelligence, signals intelligence, data processing, and more.[4] To maintain secrecy the DIA had to go to ridiculous lengths at times, such as when Slocum's Joe #38, the cover operation for the Switchboard, had to deter Lexington customers. Ever increasing customer traffic buying overpriced coffee and donuts warranted increasingly drastic measures, such as halving cleaning, deliberately misleading customers, and even deploying hydrogen sulfide.[5]

The DIA's technological capabilities were more advanced than many branches of the government.[6] The P.A.M. Initiative was one of the most ambitious, daring, and most importantly, successful projects, resulting in the creation of a data processing system that allowed the Agency to predict the actions of foreign entities. By crunching the vast amounts of data provided, PAM could provide analyses or suggest corrective measures to achieve specific goals. Its first major success was stabilizing the situation in the Taiwan Strait, following the Pascale Incident. After tapping it into all the military and civilian agency intelligence databanks, combined with greatly increased funding, the PAM project carried out at the Switchboard black site, PAM provided a decided edge against China in terms of intelligence.[7] As it developed, PAM was used not just to process data, but to determine the likelihood of various military scenarios playing out, such as determining the likelihood of a coordinated nuclear strike by China and the Soviet Union six months into the Chinese invasion of Alaska (June 2067).[8]

Perhaps the most interesting discovery made by PAM was determining (with a 91% likelihood) the existence of large-scale experiments with stealth technology in December 2075 and tying it to seemingly frivolous reports of the existence of a Chinese Ghost Fleet: Stealth submarines that guaranteed retaliatory capabilities to the communist power. Due to the absence of corroborating evidence, the conclusion was buried as a fantasy, a fatal mistake.[9]

While being one of the more technologically advanced government branches, the DIA still commissioned work to outside corporations, such as for the creation of the custom, multi-million dollar mainframe CRYPTOS created by RobCo. CRYPTOS was intended for use in the old song and dance of "a top secret government project", but the DIA pulled the contract just as work was completed on the mainframe. Zack Hayes, a RobCo employee, was able to sell CRYPTOS to Frederick Rivers before the Great War to recover some of the money used to make it.[10][11]

Notable cases


The Defense Intelligence Agency is mentioned in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76.



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    Saturday had a freak thunderstorm that blew out one of the transformers. Whole block was without power for 4 hours (from 0900 to 1300). Those on shift have been briefed, but what everyone would know is shipping was locked inside for the duration. Had a donut party.
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    The team asks for double the funding for the upcoming fiscal year. With additional cutting edge databanks we can boost the processing power of PAM three-fold. Additionally, the P.A.M. Initiative needs to be fully tapped into all military and civilian agency intelligence apparatus. The combination of these two spends should give us a decided edge against the Chinese."
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    "P.A.M., Chairman Cheng isn't always logical. He won't always make logical decisions. We've been over this."
    > Warning. Human variability results in a highly flawed statistical model.
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    > Warning. Warning. <Emergency Shutdown>
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    "Large scale? What do you mean? What are their capabilities?"
    > American projects involving this technology (refer to "Stealth Boy") have merely reverse engineered captured Hei Gui suits. The underlying science of this technology is unknown. So the theoretical limits are also unknown. However the so-called "Ghost Fleet" that station A-31 and B-19 reported in November may indicate that testing has already commenced with submersible vessels.
    "Dear God. You think they have stealth subs?"
    > A second order approximation is inconclusive. Explanation. The logic chain of these assumptions have too much variability. Further data is required.
    "So you can't even give me a guess?"
    > Machine/human interface aborted.
    "Sorry, sir. We're working on some of her glitches. P.A.M... well, she gets real stubborn when she's doing too much guesswork."
    "Stubborn? She's a machine."
    "Sir. With each new version, well, she's getting quirky."
    "There's no way I'm taking this stealth sub nonsense to the Joint Chiefs unless I have proof. It's goddamned ludicrous to think the Chinese have been working on something this big and we've heard nothing."
    > Virtually no actionable intelligence has come out of the Shaanxi Province for 3.1 years. However, the province reports a spike in the imports of complex polymers and other key synthetic compounds. The quantity in question is consistent with stealth technology research on the macro scale.
    "Until you can give me something concrete, I don't want to hear another goddamned word about this."
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    Known Aliases: Jamie Patrick, Maria Lopez, Stanley Derrick, Five-Claw Dragon"
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