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Defend the Castle
Defend the Castle.gif
Quest data
LocationThe Castle
Given ByPreston Garvey
Reward300 XP
Editor IDMinDefendCastle
Base ID000bdb04
Related quests
Form Ranks
With Our Powers Combined
leads to:
The Nuclear Option (Minutemen)

Defend the Castle is a main quest involving the Commonwealth Minutemen, in Fallout 4.


With revenge fresh in the air, the Minutemen and their general are at the final threshold, where the remnants of their enemies are preparing for a final push to wipe the Castle and its inhabitants off of the map. Can they survive the waves after waves, or will they fall again, just as they had before.


This entire quest consists of various waves, in which the Sole Survivor and the Minutemen, as well as any settlers at the Castle, will have to defend the stronghold against a multitude of various enemy factions.

Brotherhood of Steel

The first waves that will clash against the Castle's walls, consists of around a dozen vertibirds, and the shock troops that they drop off, both inside and outside of the Castle. After the Brotherhood of Steel's remnants have been dealt with, reinforcements will finally drop off, and the Minutemen will gain a few moments to regain their strength.


After the Brotherhood of Steel have been dealt with, a group of generation 1&2 synths, as well as their courser masters, will begin teleporting in at various locations around the Castle. Unlike the Brotherhood of Steel, these waves are rather unpredictable, as the synths can come in from any direction, and have a tendency to flank the defenders. The final wave will include an extra courser, and after they have been dealt with, the synths will finally stop teleporting in, giving the defenders a bit longer than before to prepare for the next attack.

Raiders or Gunners

Randomly determined, and only after the synths have been dealt with in their entirety, waves of either generic raiders and their attack dogs will begin rushing the entrance, or the Gunners will begin attacking from both the entrance and the back door. These waves taper off rather quickly compared to the other two factions, and allow for a bit more breathing room before the final faction attacks.

Super Mutants

The final waves will consist of the super mutants, all of which will be reinforced with behemoths. These waves will only attack from the entrance, and once they have been dealt with, the safety of the Castle and the Minutemen faction can finally be considered safe, for the time being.

Quest stages

10 Quest started
15 Quest started by Form Ranks
16 The Prydwen was destroyed while Defend the Castle is active.
70 Sole Survivor arrives at the Castle
100 Build defenses
150 Attack begins
200 Attack defeated - Trigger The Nuclear Option if started by Form Ranks
210 Post battle scene
450 Talk to Preston Garvey if he gave the quest.
500Quest finishedQuest Complete
Status Stage Description
Travel to the Castle The Institute is preparing to attack the Castle to try to crush the Minutemen before we can build up enough strength to strike them. I need to help defend the Castle before it's too late.
Defend the Castle (100%) The Institute is preparing to attack the Castle to try to crush the Minutemen before we can build up enough strength to retake them. I need to help defend the Castle before it's too late.
Speak to Ronnie Shaw The Institute attack on the Castle has been defeated. Now we can think about turning the tables and taking the fight to them.
Status Stage Description
Travel to the Castle I've received word that Institute synths are gathering to attack the Castle. I should help the Minutemen defend it.
Defend the Castle (100%)
Speak to Ronnie Shaw We defeated the attack on the Castle by the renegade Institute synths.


Upon completion, this quest will automatically fail the quests: Ad Victoriam, Liberty Reprimed, Blind Betrayal, and Tactical Thinking; however, completing Ad Victoriam while Defend the Castle is still active, will successfully complete Defend the Castle.

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