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Biography and appearance
RaceRobot, Mister Handy
GenderMale programming
RoleLemonade server
Dialogue FileDeezer's dialogue
QuestsHuman Error
Editor IDDeezer
Base ID000890c1Ref ID00089151
ActorStephen Russell

Less rads, less mutfruit. Same great taste. Try Deezer's lemonade.

Deezer is a damaged Mister Handy living at Covenant in 2287.


Deezer is Covenant's Mister Handy, known for its famous "Deezer's lemonade", voted "best beverage in Covenant" three years straight. Programmed strictly for dispensing lemonade (and ignoring any inquiries that might put the walled community in a bad light),[1] its programmed wholly for making Covenant look more wholesome than it is. Dispensing free "lemonade" to weary travelers passing through is meant to disabuse them from any notion of Covenant being a source of a threat. However, craftier travelers can catch on to the haphazard reprogramming.[2]

One of the key clues is the fact that the secret recipe somehow allows for making lemonade without lemons. Anyone with more than a passing knowledge on the pre-War world is wise enough to skip it.[3] Nick Valentine in particular has known Deezer for a while - and ribs the robot about it whenever the two meet.[4][5]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.

Human Error

This character provides miscellaneous services.

Deezer will provide the Sole Survivor with Deezer's lemonade once a day.

Other interactions


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Carried items
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Drops on death

Notable quotes

  • "Would you like some free lemonade?"
  • "93% of all visitors prefer Deezer's lemonade."
  • "Deezer's lemonade is made of goodness. Four special ingredients from sunny, non-irradiated environments all in one cold glass."


Deezer appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. The Sole Survivor: "I'm looking into a lost caravan. Can you help?"
    Deezer: "You know what would be great for a lost caravan? Deezer's lemonade. Voted "Best Beverage in Covenant" three years straight."
    (Deezer's dialogue)
  2. 2.0 2.1 Danse: "That machine appears to be selling something. Unidentified Mister Handy unit... state your identification and your intention please."
    Deezer: "The name is Deezer, and my intention is to provide you with the ultimate refreshment experience, Deezer's Lemonade!"
    Danse: "You're obviously malfunctioning. I suggest you report to a maintenance center as soon as possible."
    Deezer: "Pardon me, sergeant/airman/petty officer/insert rank here... but you're mistaken. I'm simply here to quench your thirst!"
    Danse: "Oh, never mind."
    (Danse's dialogue and Deezer's dialogue)
  3. 3.0 3.1 Piper Wright: "Huh. What's this guy up to? Hey there, buddy. You lost?"
    Deezer: "No way! I'm selling Deezer's lemonade. Best lemonade in Covenant, three years running!"
    Piper Wright: "Uh, lemonade? Doesn't that require... lemons?"
    Deezer: "Our secret recipe makes every glass of Deezer's a refreshment to remember."
    Piper Wright: "So I'm going to take that as a "no.""
    (Piper Wright's and Deezer's dialogue)
  4. 4.0 4.1 Nick Valentine: "Well, look who it is. Hey Deezer. How's business?"
    Deezer: "Business is booming for the most popular lemonade in Covenant."
    Nick Valentine: "Well, good for you. Still haven't poisoned anyone?"
    Deezer: "Any recent illnesses cannot be directly attributed to Deezer's lemonade."
    Nick Valentine: "That's the spirit."
    (Nick Valentine's and Deezer's dialogue)
  5. 5.0 5.1 Curie: "Oh, it is a Mr. Handy. What is your function?"
    Deezer: "Don't be the last person on the block to try fabulous Deezer's Lemonade."
    Curie: "Lemonade, truly? But I see no lemons."
    Deezer: "The secret recipe is a tightly guarded secret. But here, try a complimentary beverage."
    Curie: "He is very odd, no?"
    Curie's and Deezer's dialogue)
  6. Robert MacCready: "Another robot drink vendor? Hope this one doesn't just sell noodles. Hey there. What's on the menu?"
    Deezer: "Why, Deezer's Lemonade of course! It's the most thirst-quenching drink in the Commonwealth!"
    Robert MacCready: "And?"
    Deezer: "And... I certainly hope you'll have a glass. It's amazingly refreshing, sir!"
    Robert MacCready: "Sigh. Doesn't anyone program normal robot bartenders anymore?"
    (Robert MacCready's and Deezer's dialogue)
  7. Deacon: "Let me try something. Override code. Gamma 3 Delta Tango Cinnamon."
    Deezer: "Psst. Hey, mister. Do you want a cold delicious... lemonade?"
    Deacon: "Command override. Vocal audio House, Robert. "Access core programming.""
    Deezer: "You're really missing out. Enjoy a longer, healthier life with: Deezer's Lemonade."
    Deacon: "Ah, too bad. I won those codes in a poker game once. Hasn't worked yet."
    (Deacon's and Deezer's dialogue)
  8. Hancock: "Christ. This thing. Hey robot. You get your liquor license yet?"
    Deezer: "Deezer's lemonade has fewer rads and more flavor!"
    Hancock: "Rad intake ain't exactly high on my list of concerns these days. You got any booze?"
    Deezer: "Your feedback is important to us. Please lodge any complaints with our customer service department. Me!"
    Hancock: "Oh, I'm about to lodge something."
    (Hancock's and Deezer's dialogue)
  9. Codsworth: "Ah, a fellow Mister Handy. Hello there, ol' chap. Good to see another of General Atomic's finest still eager to serve."
    Deezer: "And a good day to you too, sir! Can I interest you in a refreshing glass of Deezer's Lemonade?"
    Codsworth: "Don't be daft, you know I can't use the stuff."
    Deezer: "No discrimination here. Everyone benefits from Deezer's Lemonade. Get yours today while supplies last."
    Codsworth: "A pity. It appears Deezer's programming is too severe to allow for normal conversation. Ah well."
    (Codwsorth's and Deezer's dialogue)
  10. Cait: "Is that a robot... sellin' drinks? Oi! Tin can. What do ya have on tap?"
    Deezer: "Why, nothing but the most refreshing, delicious lemonade you've ever tasted!"
    Cait: "Lemonade? Does it have whisky in it or somethin'?"
    Deezer: "There are no alcoholic additives or artifical preservatives of any kind! Only good old-fashioned cold refreshment!"
    Cait: "Yuck. You know what, I think I'll pass."
    Cait's and Deezer's dialogue)
  11. Preston Garvey: "What's going on here? So, what... you selling drinks?"
    Deezer: "Yes, indeed! Known far and wide as the best lemonade in Covenant!"
    Preston Garvey: "Hmm, why not? I'll take one."
    Deezer: "Excellent! Enjoy!"
    Preston Garvey: "Hmm, uh... whew. So that's lemonade. Always wondered. Now I know."
    (Preston Garvey's and Deezer's dialogue)
  12. Strong: "Humans always drinking. Makes them weak. Metal man? Why is metal man here?"
    Deezer: "Do you like lemonade my dear green goliath? It's the freshest of Deezer's latest batch."
    Strong: "What is lemon aid?"
    Deezer: "Hmm. A cultural barrier I see. Just trust me. It's a marvelous elixir made with Deezer's own secret ingredients."
    Strong: "Looks like piss. Tastes like piss."
    (Strong's and Deezer's dialogue)