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For an overview of the various gauntlets throughout the Fallout series, see Gauntlet.
Deathclaw gauntlet
Deathclaw gauntlet.png
Deathclaw gauntlet icon.png
Attack statistics
20 (41)
32.6 (66.8)
Crit Dmg
Crit % Mult
Item HP600
Deathclaw gauntlets
QuestsCouncil Seat
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Base ID0000432b
Perk Effects
Perks (dam.)
Iron Fist

The Deathclaw Gauntlet is a crafted unarmed weapon in Fallout 3.


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Fashioned from the hand of a deathclaw, this gauntlet is as frightening as one. The razor sharp claws are able to totally negate any protection the enemy is wearing and slice to the bone.

This weapon is the strongest unarmed weapon in terms of damage, though the steel knuckles or Plunkett's Valid Points have far lower AP costs and are better for activating Paralyzing Palm.

Attacks with the gauntlet disregard damage resistance from armor. Thus, while it appears to be equal in damage to the power fist, it is actually far superior against armored foes due to its armor piercing ability and x5 critical chance multiplier. This means that it can tear Tesla armored Enclave soldiers apart as easily as it can kill unprotected enemies.

With 10 Luck and Ninja, you will always score a critical hit, thus making it even more powerful than the Shishkebab against armored foes.


1 Deathclaw gauntlet


  • An already crafted deathclaw gauntlet can be found on the body of John Bear, one of the Bear Brothers, after the second battle in the Arena of the The Pitt add-on.


The deathclaw gauntlet is made out of a deathclaw's hand, a medical brace for extra structure, a leather belt to render the hand rigid (and as a handle for the user's hand), and wonderglue to hold it all together. Deathclaw gauntlet schematics are needed to build it.

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  • Oddly enough, if you compare the size of a deathclaw gauntlet with that of a deathclaw's hand, the gauntlet appears to be much smaller.
  • Though an unarmed weapon, this weapon has the same quick-select symbol and makes the same sound as a melee weapon when equipped.
  • The deathclaw gauntlet weighs twice as much as all of the components used to craft it; deathclaw hand (1 lb), medical brace (2 lbs), leather belt (1 lb), and wonderglue (1 lb), yet deathclaw gauntlet is 10 lbs.
  • When the hand is taken from a corpse of a deathclaw, somehow the deathclaw still has both hands.
  • The deathclaw hand in the finished model of the weapon appears to have a lighter skin color than the normal deathclaw hand.
  • The deathclaw gauntlet heavily resembles the redesigned glove used by Freddy Krueger in the movie A New Nightmare.
  • When blocking with this weapon in first-person, the gauntlet fills up the whole screen.