David James

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Mentioned-only character
David James
Biography and appearance
AffiliationBrotherhood of Steel
Mentioned inFallout: New Vegas

David James was an Elder of the Brotherhood of Steel.


David James was a Brotherhood of Steel Elder and was charged with destroying an unidentified technological device, to this day (if he is still alive) he refuses to speak a word of the situation to anyone. He was eventually dismissed from his position of Elder of an unnamed chapter. A report of the incident was written by Head Scribe Talwin, who was also witness to the dismissal.[1]


David James is mentioned only in Fallout: New Vegas.


  1. Terminal, Incident #3: "Let the record show that I have stood witness to the dismissal of David James from the post of Elder. Brother James was charged with destroying an unknown device recovered from a recent expedition. The purpose and function of the device remain unknown, and Brother James has thus far proven unwilling to discuss the matter with anyone.
    Head Scribe Talwin"